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$30K: One of the oldest continuously-inhabited places in America, the 1K-yr.-old AZ village of Orabi’s made up of members of what tribe?

A: Blackfeet
B: Cherokee
C: Hopi
D: Sioux


$50K: Despite being potentially DEADLY in its natural state, sodium azide’s commonly used in what lifesaving devices?

A: Airbags
B: Bulletproof vests
C: Pacemakers
D: EpiPens

LCLS (grandma Mary)

$100K: Better known for his paintings of soup cans, Andy Warhol once made a five-hr. movie showing only what?

A: A man sleeping
B: A rat in a maze
C: A flowing river
D: A television screen

FA: TV screen (A: Man sleeping)

Midori Hepburn (L.A.)

$500: Though some are working to change it, which statement about the many statues of historical figures in Central Park’s currently true?

A: They’re ALL made of chocolate
B: They’re ALL looking at their phones
C: They’re ALL men
D: They’re ALL NUDE except for socks

They’re ALL men$

$1K: As contact w/ your doctor could trigger a reaction, MayoClinic.org says to “be sure to tell” ’em before an exam if you’re allergic to what?

A: White coats
B: Latex
C: Scary-sounding words
D: Health insurance FRAUD


$2K: Founded in 1961, which of these is a popular Swedish manufacturer of baby items, whose products have been used by over 30M infants?

A: NewbornNadia
B: BabyBjorn
C: ToddlerTØrsten
D: InfantIngrid


$3K: Before costarring in “New Girl”, what pair of celebrities went to high school together in Santa Monica?

A: Julie Bowel & Ty Burrell
B: Andre Braugher & Chelsea Peretti
C: Kaley Cuoco & Jim Parsons
D: Zooey Deschanel & Damon Wayans, Jr.

Zooey & Damon$

$5K: Watching three eps. of “Millionaire” back-to-back-to-back would be a sesquihoral activity- why?

A: It would last 1.5 hrs.
B: You would know half the answers
C: You would see 50 Q’s
D: It would happen during the daytime

It would last 1.5 hrs.$

$7K: A whopping 432K square ft. in size, which of the following’s several times larger than the other three combined?

A: Soccer field
B: Polo field
C: Football field
D: Lacrosse field

Polo field$

QotD: Acc. to federal regulations, which of these alcoholic spirits must be made from a grain mix that’s mostly corn?
A: Vodka
B: Bourbon
C: Rum
D: Tequila

To Come Back: One of the most MISHEARD song lyrics of all-time, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s hit “Blinded by the Light” included which of the following lines?

A: “Revved up like a deuce”
B: “Cut loose like a goose”
C: “Wrapped up like a tooth”
D: “You won’t like the truth”

“Revved up like a deuce”$


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