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Deal #1: Kelley
Rejected 1st: SE- $5,600.00
Rejected 2nd: SB- VESPA Sprint
Rejected 3rd: GBNissan Sentra
#3- Bad Buick

3oaK: Doroline
C (#2): Toyota Yaris
STJ (SB): MOVADO watches + $500- UNDERSTANDABLY BAILED (remember, this WASN’T the most winnable of games)

Row #1: 4♣, N/A & 4♥
Row #2: Q♠, 4♦ & Q♥WTH?!?!?!?!? (even though they showed #3 first- the 1st time there’s been a HORRIBLE BAILOUT in this game)

PA: Veronica
Brian: $1200 (#3)- Trip to HOTEL 10
Maggie: BB- Elec. pkg.
Veronica: RESIGNED, PERIOD (SE #3: $500.00/SE #2: $10K.00)

A: Tara
C: KIA Forte
R: C ($500), A ($900)- BAILED TOO

DW: Reuvetta & Joseph

R1 (SB):
A: Diamonds by Angie gold ring
B: LG smartphones
Reuvetta: RING- $

R2 (#1):
A: Beach sports pkg.
B: Kitchen
Joseph: KITCHEN- $

FD (TB): WALKED FOR GOOD- Trip to Sandy Haven + $2K

BC: Christopher
Y– 6
B– 1
G– 2
R1 (Giant E: Oversized credit card)

BD (Maggie):
SD (#2): Pool table rm.- MIDDLED OUT
MD (#1): BULL BBQ/patio furn.
BD (#3): Trip to Norway & SCiOn iA

SOLE AIRED QD (Renia): Anything w/ an animal on it ($200)- CREDIT CARD WAS ACCEPTED


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 5/18/17" (3)

  1. Disappointing show. Should had won a Car from 3 of a kind. Fuckin small deal win hurts more.

    My rating: 2

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      That is true and 3 of a kind was a heartbreaking bailout. Again, watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune for me since I’m going out of town to Freer for a baseball game. Tomorrow is our last chance to get a big deal win week.
      Grade: F+

      • Teacher Finals game 1 will be the totals for game 1 and then game 2 whatever won will added to game 1 total. Whoever has the most $$$ wins $100K

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