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“Chopped” 5/16/17

Newlyweds Who Competed:
Henry & Laura Hynoski (Secaucus)
Toni & Ralph Ferrara (Brick, NJ)
Corry & Jhonathan Fennell (PHI)
Karen & Kam Khazai (Gaithersburg, MD)
J: Marc, Amanda & Geoffrey

A: Manila clams, Romanesco, Lamb Merguez & champagne toast
Hynoskis: Clams Oreganata
Ferraras: Deconstructed stuffed clams w/ Merguez & Romanesco
Fennells: Surf ‘n turf salad w/ champagne croutons
Khazais: Clams & Lamb Merguez broth w/ champagne toast crostini
C- Ferraras

E: Pork tenderloin, Piccalilli, cranberry shelling beans & wedding rice
Fennells: Pan-seared Piccalilli pork tenderloin w/ rice & beans
Khazais: Chili-rubbed pork taco w/ Piccalilli pico de gallo
Hynoskis: Piccalilli-seared tenderloin w/ sauteed beans & greens- C

D: Port wine cheese, sweet flakes cereal, plumcots & wedding cake top
Khazais: Fruit & caramel turnover w/ wedding cake I.C.
Fennells: Cereal & cake fritter w/ port wine chocolate sauce
W- Khazais


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