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Carla Holt (81-yr.-old in Spokane)
+1: Don

$500: Acc. to TheKitchn.com, if you’re going to grill kabobs w/ thin, disposable wooden skewers, it might be a good idea to do what w/ ’em first?

A: Soak ’em in water
B: Insure ’em for millions of dollars
C: Carve your name into ’em
D: Have a sword fight

Soak ’em$

$1K: As children of the ’90s might now, the New Partridge Dictionary of Slang defined what term as “the very best, something that is very good”?

A: De grenade
B: Da bomb
C: Da land mine
D: Da Predator drone

Da bomb $

$2K: Meaning “pot-planted”, which of these terms ISN’T a botanical classification of tree, but rather than name of an art form?

A: Birch
B: Ginkgo
C: Bonsai
D: Mangolia


$3K: Sharing its name w/ the London district that’s home to the prime meridian, which city has the WSJ described as the capital of the hedge-fund boom?

A: Old Bridge, NJ
B: Greenwich, CT
C: Upper Darby, PA
D: Westchester, NY

Greenwich, CT$

$5K: Acc. to the late Adam Yauch, what “party” song was largely misinterpreted & actually started out as a goof on “Frat” music like “I Wanna Rock”?

A: “Party in the USA”
B: “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)”
C: “Get the Party Started”
D: “Party Rock Anthem”


A: 12%
B: 57%
C: 16%
D: 15%

“Fight for Your Right”$

$7K: Though in separate cemeteries, BOTH members of which famous pair were buried in Dallas, TX?

A: Orville & Wilbur
B: Laurel & Hardy
C: Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt
D: Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde$

$10K: Which of the following TV shows has its title written correctly, as it should NOT have a “The” at the beginning of it?

A: “Blacklist”
B: “Walking Dead”
C: “Big Bang Theory”
D: “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”


Drew Bayers (Milford, CT)

$500: Which of the following ISN’T currently a member of the U.N.?

A: Swaziland
B: Switzerland
D: Thailand


$1K: If you’re trying to light a candle at the bottom of a tall glass, LifeHacker says a piece of uncooked what can work as a replacement for an extra-long match?

A: Kielbasa
B: Spaghetti
C: Banana
D: Mozzarella stick


$2K: Fittingly, which co. has its own fount called Bookerly, which is designed to help you read its Kindle screens faster & “with less eyestrain”?

A: amazon
C: Google
D: Microsoft


$3K: When you insert the letter “a” in a certain place, which of these terms spells a word that Merriam-Webster defines as your “sense of taste”?

A: Bowl
B: Plate
C: Saucer
D: Cup


$5K: What “Brave” singer took on the challenge of writing the music & lyrics for the ’16 Broadway musical “Waitress”?

A: Alicia Keys
B: Katy Perry
C: Ariana Grande
D: Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles$

$7K: While common in Europe for yrs., EMV chips are new to the U.S., where industry groups predict they’ll be found in over 98% of American what by ’18?

A: Automobiles
B: USPS first-class packages
C: Personal computers
D: Credit & debit cards

Credit & debit cards$

$10K: Said to have once told a fellow diner that his beloved Babou was just a normal cat he had painted over, Salvador Dali was known to travel w/ his pet what?

A: Ocelot
B: Marmot
C: Capybara
D: Marmoset


QotD: The Canadian Bill of Rights differs from the U.S. Bill of Rights in that it DOESN’T include which of these freedoms?
A: Freedom of the press
B: Right to bear arms
C: Freedom to religion
D: Right to assemble

$20K: While the Academy Award’s called the OSCAR, allegedly for its resemblance to a member’s uncle, what do the French call their equivalent, named for its sculptor?

A: Cesar Award
B: Benoit Award
C: Pierre Award
D: Jacques Award


A: 24%
B & C: 25% EACH
D: 26%



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