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Pamela: SB- Hot sauce mouthwash
Daniel: $500 (#1)- Yard tool pkg.
Arlene Floren: GC- $600.00 (TB: 5n at Villa Amor in Mexico = $3,570)

ODG: Leona
C (#1): KIA Soul
R: 6 ($1100), 2 ($400), 5 ($1.5K)- SAT FOR GOOD ($3K should be a new cash record for that game)(SE: $5K.00)

Karina’s Real/Fake Jewelry Deal Choice: #1
FD: BBCanon camcorder/camera pkg. (NECKLACE #1: $4,300 + trip to WYNDHAM resort)

HL: Royal
HA: Crossing guard, expert gamer & Sid
Crossing guard- N
Sid- N
FD: BB- Honda RECON (#3: “CARCADE”)

CR: Kayla & James
C: Toyota Corolla

#14: $200
#2: $200
#1: $400
#6: $400
#9: $400
#7: N.S. (FP: #15)(Other $400s: #11 & #13)(Other N.S.: #10)

Guess My Age: Christopher

Jenna: 32
Sheila: 31
A: 35

Christopher: BB- Theater rm.
Jenna: $1K (#3)- Tory Burch acc.

Erin’s Dollar Daisy P: #3, #9 & #7
#3- $300
#7- $1K
FD: CURTAIN #2- Trip to Kinzie Hotel ($6,894)(#9: $5K/BB: Z jet-skis)


BD (Christopher):
SD (#2): BOSCH kitchen
MD (#3): Outdoor pkg. ($7,054)- X
BD (#1): Trip to Fairmont St. Andrews + Calloway Golf equip. + $10K


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 5/17/17" (1)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Somewhat disappointed show. No car winner and a medium deal won. We still have time to get a win week. What do you say, Ant0824?
    Grade: C+

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