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13-Yr.-Olds Competing:
Valeria Quintero (Queens)
Sam Kanterman (Syosset, NY- wants to be on Broadway)
Chris London (Queens- has Jamaican roots & his mom has her own catering business; he sometimes fixes computers)
Anthony Smith (Rochester- made meatballs when he was 3)
J: Marc, Betsy Brandt & Nguyen Tran

A: Boxed mac ‘n cheese, pulled pork, dinosaur kale & Shiitakes
Sam: Pulled pork mac ‘n cheese taco
Valeria: Crunchy mac ‘n cheese w/ kale, pulled pork & mushroom saute
Chris: Shiitake caps w/ pulled pork & sauteed kale
Anthony: Pulled pork mac ‘n cheese w/ sauteed kale & mushrooms- C

E: Pasta shells, La Tur cheese, braised short ribs & cheese-flavored tortilla chips
Chris: Shredded short rib quesadilla w/ mac ‘n cheese
Sam: La Tur mac ‘n cheese w/ short rib & grilled asparagus
Valeria: Latin-inspired short rib mac ‘n cheese
C- Chris

D: Blueberry mac ‘n cheese, white chocolate chips, Anjou pears & sour lemon candies
Valeria: Blueberry mac ‘n cheese churro w/ pear & raspberry compote
Sam: White chocolate blueberry mac & cheese tart w/ candied pears
W- Valeria


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