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“The Wall” 5/15

T: Noah & Lisa (he’s a cable guy)

#1: Nicki Minaj had a hit song in ’14 that shared its name w/ which snake- “Anaconda” or “Python”?
“Anaconda”– 5K (L)/10K (L)/25K
#2: Bevo, a longhorn steer, is the mascot for sports teams at which university- TN or TX?
TX– BOTH 100s/25K
#3: In E=mc², what did the m stand for- mass or meter?
mass– BOTH 5Ks/10K (L)
#4: Leonardo DiCaprio played a homeless teen taken in by a suburban family on which sitcom- “Family Ties” or “Growing Pains”?
“Growing Pains”– 100 (L)/1 (LEFT ONE NEXT TO 25K)/10 (R)
#5: The recipe in Joy of Cooking for a popular omelet w/ ham, peppers & onions shares its name w/ which U.S. city- Dallas or Denver?
DEN– 5K (L)/20K (L)/1 (RIGHT ONE NEXT TO 25K) = $110,312

R2 Freebies (#2 & #3): 100 (L)/10K (L)

#1 (#5): “I’m Just a Bill” was one of the most famous videos in the history of “SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!”. Which of these buildings WASN’T mentioned in that video- The White House, U.S. Capitol or Supreme Court Building?
Supreme Court Building250K = $370,412
#2 (#3): Viewed over 134M times, a viral YouTube video featured David in the car after which of these appointments- dentist, optometrist or podiatrist?
Dentist– 100 (JUST L OF THE 250K)
#3 (#2- TRIPLE): Which of these is NOT one of the many alternate names for the mountain lion, one of the largest cats in North America- cougar, puma or bobcat?
Puma (A: Bobcat)- 1 (FURTHEST L)/10 (L)/1 (IN BETWEEN 25K & 50K)
End-of-Rd. Deductions: 25K/1 (IN BETWEEN 50K & 100K) = $345,499

R3 Freebies:
#6- 400K
#3- 200K
#1- 1 (IN BETWEEN 300K & 400K) = $945,600

#1 (#4): Which Las Vegas resort casino shares its name w/ the title of a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson- Treasure Island, Bellagio, CAESARS PALACE or The Venetian?
Treasure Island– 400K
#2 (#1): The Seven Summits are the highest mtns. on each of the seven continents. Which of these Seven Summits is the tallest mtn. in Africa- Denali, Everest, Kilimanjaro or Aconcagua?
Everest (A: Kilimanjaro)- 1 (IN BETWEEN 300K & 400K)
#3 (#3): When the Village People released their smash hit “Y.M.C.A.”, which of these WASN’T a character feat. by one of their members- cowboy, construction worker, soldier or firefighter?
Firefighter– 100K = $1,445,599

Final Deductions:
#6- 1 (IN BETWEEN 300K & 400K)
#3- 300K
#1- 50K = $1,095,498


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