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Bridget’s +1: Jake (boyfriend)

$7K: Which film director cast his own mom to say the iconic line “I’ll have what she’s having” in “When Harry Met Sally…”?

A: Ron Howard
B: Rob Reiner
C: Garry Marshall
D: James L. Brooks

Rob Reiner$

$10K: Encouraging people to visit attractions like the Nobel Peace center on foot, what city has announced plans to BAN cars in its downtown by ’19?

A: Copenhagen
B: Oslo
C: Reykjavik
D: Helsinki


$20K: Though their running back Ed Smith was the model for the famous Heisman Trophy, which school’s football team, the Violets, was DISCONTINUED in 1953?

A: Harvard
C: Georgetown
D: Duke


$30K: Of all the muscles in an average person’s body, the one that can pull w/ the most force is the soleus. Where’s the soleus located?

A: In your neck
B: In your lower leg
C: In your upper arm
D: In your abdomen

FA: Abdomen (A: Lower leg)

Bryan Lord (McCordsville, IN)

$500: Hair standing on end? Acc. to Real Simple, you can remove static from your hair (and maybe make it smell nicer too) by rubbing it w/ what?

A: Dryer sheet
B: $2 bill
C: Your lucky horseshoe
D: Cat in heat

Dryer sheet$

$1K: For those looking for answers, “What’s in a true Singapore Sling?” & the difference between a “fix” & a “fizz” were topics covered in what book?

A: The Bhagavad Gita
B: The Book of Mormon
C: The Bartender’s Bible
D: The Torah

The Bartender’s Bible $

$2K: Fitting when you consider how it looks, which of the following’s derived from the Greek words for “milky” & “circle”?

A: Lightning
B: Galaxy
C: Tornado
D: Rubik’s Cube


A: 1%
B: 79%
C: 17%
D: 3%


$3K: W/ a 2.8 rating on IMDB.com, what ’91 box office FLOP featured rapper Vanilla Ice recommending that a lady friend “Drop that zero and get with the hero!”?

C: “Cool As Ice”
D: “Citizen Kane”

“Cool As Ice”$

$5K: Unless you have a falconry license, in the U.S. it’s generally ILLEGAL to keep which of the following as a pet?

A: Owls
B: Cockatoos
C: Pigeons
D: Parrots


$7K: Widely blamed on some destructive earthquakes, 2015 was the first yr. since 1974 in which NO person did what?

A: Completed the Iditarod
B: Went inside the Great Pyramids
C: Summited Mt. Everest
D: Reached the South Pole

+1 (Kyle)
Summited Everest$

QotD: While U.S. is often used in English, the common Spanish abbrev. for the U.S. is what?
A: FF. AA.
B: AA. EE.
C: EE. UU.
D: UU. FF.

To Return: What writer of the poem “How Do I Love Thee? was DISOWNED for eloping by her domineering father, who insisted that NONE of his children marry?

A: Emily Dickinson
B: Charlotte Bronte
C: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
D: Mary Shelley

CharlotteG.O. (A: Emily)


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