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Double Giveaway Deal:
Gwenda: THOU (SE)- Trip to Circa 39
Robert: BIG BOX- Home theater ($4,350)
Tahina: SAME AS GWENDA (#1)- Blimp

MoU: Evan & Terecita
C: Hyundai Accent HB

#3: $400
#1: $700
#2: $1.5K ($2600)
For $2K: #3- EMPTY (WIN: #1)

Jianna’s FD D: BB- Trip to Fort Young Hotel in Roseau, Dominica (SBs: $100 + $100 + $1 in a TE)
Jeffery’s FD D: $1.5K (#2)- Pirate ship


CS: Sarah
C (#1): Honda Civic
TC: 3♣, 10♠, 7♦, 4♥, 9♦, 8♣, A♦, 6♦ & 3♥ CRAPS

PPD: Natalia
P: Richard

Two dimes: Y- X
Hairbrush/comb: Y- X
Thumb drive: N- $
Richard’s FD: #3- Kawasaki Ninja

Kelly’s ATM Withdrawals: $300, $500 & $700 (LB: $1K, $2K & $3.5K)
QUIT FOR GOOD (SB: Spray-on lipstick)

BD (Jianna):
SD (#1): TREK bike pkg.
MD (#3): BULL island
BD (#2): smarTour of China + THE LOT- W

Alfonso: Remembering the total value of the BD of the Day was $26,899 (T)($200)- $
Andrew: Any credit card that has expired (J)($200)- X


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 5/15/17" (1)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    The Big Deal was won despite a rough way to start the week for LMAD and the car game losing streak is now at 9. What do you say, Ant0824?
    Grade: B-

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