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Justin & Jan Warner
Aarti & Rose Sequeira
Beau & Cynthia MacMillan
J: Catherine, Duskie & Brian

GL: Lamb, Lima beans, mint & horseradish
Warners: Deep-fried lamb chop w/ Lima bean mint puree & dandelion greens
Sequeiras: Lamb kebab w/ Lima bean hummus & cucumber salad
MacMillans: Rack of lamb w/ Lima bean celery root puree & radish mango salad

Sequeiras: Gulab Jaimun & I.C. w/ fresh mango
MacMillans: Bucatini w/ meatballs & smoky bacon ragu
Warners: Fried calamari w/ squid ink pasta & gooseberries
W- Sequeiras

#1: A 17th C. monk perfected the production of this beverage named for the French province it’s produced in (CHAMPAGNE)
#2: South Koreans consume 40lbs. per person of this condiment annually (KIMCHI)
#3: Small disc-shaped pasta w/ a name that means “little ears” in Italian (ORECCHIETTE)
#4: Vegetable that originally gave red velvet cake its color (BEET)


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