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“Ca$h Cab” 6/11/09

G1: Connie & Peter (Chelsea Piers)(BtG: 39)
LOST $450

G2: Ann & Liz (91st between 1st & York)(BtG: 39)

#1: KTown’s a NYC neighborhood- what does the K stand for?
#2: Created by Charles Schultz, tomboy Patricia Reithart was a comic strip character better known by what name?
Peppermint Patty
#3: What yellow caffeinated pill was billed as “America’s #1 alertness aid”?
MSO: Tricia
NoDoz (A: Vivarin)
#4: Also a slang word meaning “two”, what’s the term for a score of 40-40 in a tennis match?

#1: Acc. to marthastewart.com, what side dish should be fluffed w/ a fork before serving?
#2: What Sicilian hot spot was the alleged home of BOTH the Cyclops & the fire god Vulcan?
Mt. Vesuvius (A: Mt. Edna)
#3: For over 50 yrs. what charitable organization has doled out adhesives bearing the image of a lily?
Easter Seals
#4: In ’07 animal lover Pamela Anderson apologized for inadvertently popularizing what trendy brand of sheepskin boots?

Sole $200 Q: In the competitive world of cheerleading, what red, white and blue dowel rod’s often awarded to the team w/ the most pep?
FA: Spirit stick ($650)

G3: Lois, Justin & Scott (72nd & CPW)(BtG: 46)

#1: Promising “a blast that lasts”, what breath spray’s marketed w/ the tagline “It’s a kick in the kisser”?
#2: What French term orig. applied to elite troops who marched in advance of others?
#3: In a ’08 speech on the Internet, Russia’s president proposed a national domain name written in what alphabet?
#4: An oxidized extract of nicotine, the Vitamin B3 is more commonly known by what name?
B12 (A: Niacin)

#1: Feat. sparring androids, what classic toy of the ’60s pit the Red Rocker against the Blue Bomber?
Rock’em Sock’em Robots
#2: Competing w/ Consumer Reports, what major marketing co. has surveyed customer satisfaction since 1968?
MSO: Scott’s sister Laura
Gallup (A: J.D. Power & Associates)
FQ: From the Latin for “flesh”, what’s the term for an animal carcas coveted by circling scavengers?

VB: Slightly larger than a bobcat, what finicky North American feline preys almost exclusively on the snowshoe here?
FA: Lynx ($1800)


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