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“Ca$h Cab” 6/4/09

G1: Josh, Jordan & Ian (bros.)(51st & 9th)(BtG: 39)

#1: Recognizing the religious diversity of its employees, what delivery co. provides turbans in its trademarked brown color?
#2: A staple of Tex-Mex cuisine, what iconic dish’s made by sprinkling chili & cheese over name-brand corn chips?
Nachos (A: Frito pie)
#3: Starring sibling sleuths Frank & Joe, what classic book series was once churned out at a clip of 10K words per day?
Hardy Boys
#4: Assigning psychological symbolism to every stroke, graphology’s the pseudoscientific study of what?
The brain (A: Handwriting)

#1: Adjacent to Bel Air, what affluent neighborhood of L.A. achieved notoriety as the home of Nicole Brown Simpson?
#2: Added to Merriam-Webster’s in 2007, what genre of rap music originated w/ hip-hop artists from the Dirty South?
#3: Founded by the Hassenfeld siblings, what toy co. cultivated success w/ the launch of Mr. Potato Head?
#4: Located between Israel & Jordan, what salty body of water once provided preservatives for Egyptian mummies?
Dead Sea

Sole $200 Q: A heavy hitter of the headwear industry, what co.’s the official supplier of caps for MLB?

VB: This peculiar primate from Madagascar’s using its freakishly long middle finger to sneak a tasty midnight snack. Resembling the affirmative answer of a sailor, what’s the repetitive name of this nocturnal creature?
FA: EOA (A: “Aye-aye”)

G2: David & Alexis (80th & Broadway)(BtG: 36)

#1: Coined by Cornell psychologist James Maas, what two-word term refers to a short midday snooze that increases productivity?
Catnap (A: Power nap)
#2: Originally a telegraph operator for Western Union, what wizard of Menlo Park nicknamed his first two kids Dot & Dash?
MSO: Vita (David’s aunt)
#3: In 2008 what conservative radio host tried to disrupt the Democratic primaries w/ a plot called Operation Chaos?
Rush Limbaugh
#4: In Don Quixote, what swiveling structures were mistaken for giants w/ arms nearly two leagues long?

#1: What co. celebrated the 100th anniv. of its automatic bargain basement in 2009?
#2: After the death of a famous Civil War General, VA’s Washington College paid homage by changing its name to what?
Washington & Lee
#3: Once connecting a courthouse to a prison, the Bridge of Sighs is now a romantic landmark in what European city?
Prague (A: Venice)
FQ: Betraying its historical ties to plumbing, what metallic element’s abbrev. Pb on the periodic table?
FA: Lead

DR: Sasha & Josh (9th & 16th)(BtG: 50)

#1: The home of both CISCO & COSTCO, what financial exchange bills itself as the stock market for the next hundred yrs.?
#2: Mutton busting is a rodeo event feat. children riding what animals?
#3: Meaning “small island” in Greek, what South Pacific region lies west of Polynesia & north of Melanesia?
#4: In his final testament, what Russian revolutionary recommended the removal of his de facto successor Joseph Stalin?

#1: In ’87 what famous American cyclist FAILED to defend his Tour de France title after being shot during a turkey hunt?
Lance Armstrong
#2: Now published by Adobe, what vector-based graphic software enables the speedy creation of web animation?
#3: Linking MasterCards to almost 800K ATMs, what bank network shares its name w/ a wispy variety of cloud?
FQ: Measuring the magnitude of sound waves, what physics term puts the A in AM radio?
MSO: Sasha’s brother Ian
FA: Amplitude


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