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Adaorah: COIN- $400 (SE: Trip to The Square COPENHAGEN)
Mike: #2- Kitchen + TASTYKAKE & $1.5K (COIN: $600)

FCW: Craig & Brandon (twins)

T (SB): MOVADO watches ($2,390)
#2: $500

J (#2): YAMAHA WaveRunner
#3: $750 ($1K: #4)

W (#3): maZDa3
#5- $500 ($2K: #2/WAYNE: #3)


Breea: #2- GYPSY JAZZ
FD: CURTAIN #1- Blimp (CD #2: $1,800)

Kathryn: #3- CUMBIA
FD: BB- Trip to Caribe Hilton SAN JUAN + eagle creek luggage (CD #3: $400)

FNO: Andre & Marquette
Marquette: SB- Fur plates ($5 BANKROLL: $200 + LOEWS Philadelphia Hotel WG = $4,416)
Andre: #1- Elec. pkg. ($1 BANKROLL = $111)

SfC: Marcie
#3: $1
#4: $2G.O.

CM: Tatsumi v. Henry
W- Tatsumi ($4.5K)
WALKED (BB: Music rm. pkg.)


BD (Mike):
SD (#2): TREK bike pkg.
MD (#3): BULL island
BD (#1): Ford Focus SE + THE LOT- W


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 5/11/17" (2)

  1. Interesting show. Until the Big Deal win.

    My rating: 7

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      But a shutout at the quickie deals lowers my grade. Again, we don’t want to see a technical win from Michael Taylor for Arvin had a smallest overbid.
      Grade: D+

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