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“Ca$h Cab” 5/7/09

G1: April & Bill (62nd between Columbus & Amsterdam)(BtG: 37)

G2: Katherine, Katie & Tom (Bedford & Downing)(BtG: 37)

#1: In plants, xylem is the tissue that primarily transports water- what tissue’s responsible for transporting sap?
#2: When introduced in the ’50s, what irreverent synonym for “bottler opener” was considered somewhat sacrilegious?
Corkscrew (A: Church key)
#3: Enough to make over 7M toothpicks, 128 cubic ft. of wood’s equal to what unit of volume?
MSO: Kevin
RLC: Acc. to the Census Bureau, name five of the six countries that have the largest populations as of 2008.
China, India, Brazil, U.S. & Pakistan

VB: In its solid state, this magma comprises one of the three major categories of mineral on our Earth. From a Latin word for “fire”, what’s the term for this volcanic variety of rock?
FA: Igneous ($1300)

G3: Tet & Sharene (Arlene’s Grocery)(BtG: 36)

#1: Made predominantly from jute, what coarse fabric has been used to tote coffee beans since the 18th C.?
#2: The home of Poppin’ Fresh, what co. issued cease & desist letters in ’01 over the use of the term “Bake-Off”?
#3: In ’08 what cable network reminded viewers 50 times in one night that it had the best political team on TV?
#4: Also a casino card game, what blunt police weapon’s ILLEGAL in several states?

#1: From the French for “eat”, what canine affliction’s caused by mites that dine on the follicles of fur?
#2: Meaning “triangle measure” in Greek, what branch of math was used in ancient times to calculate astronomical distances?
MSO: Stephanie
FQ: Feat. digits from two to 64, a doubling cube’s used to ramp up the tension in what popular parlor game?
FA: Dominoes (A: Backgammon)

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