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FF: Thomas Hagedorn, Julianne Siple, Sonya Middleton & Steven Szumiesz
IUFB #1: Body Glove pkg. (J at #3)

THOMAS: 1300/JULIANNE: 1800/SONYA: 700/STEVEN: 800

ARP: $1,…880- yes, Julianne can win a 5n trip to the Sheraton Kona (M at #4) playing F-F.
G: FLOPS (7906)- L

5. Kathleen Garbowski-Edwards
IUFB #2: Smartphones (ceiling)

Thomas: 1401/KATHLEEN: 1200/Sonya: 1351/Steven: 1400

Steven overbid by a Benjamin, so Kathleen will play Danger Price ($3099) for five 808 Bluetooth speakers + a turntable (M), the BULL gas grill (M), Marc Jacobs acc. (R) & the FatCat 3-in-1.
P: Speakers/turntable ($699), FatCat 3-in-1 & BULL G. (M.J.: $2485)

6. Tracy Koomson
IUFB #3: Proof Eyewear (R)

Thomas: 801/TRACY: 800/Sonya: 721/Steven: 600

Steven will be playing the game that just turned 40 this wk., Hole in ONE or TWO, for the ’17 Honda Fit (J).
I: 3M Scotch-Brite sponge, Allegra (15), Green Giant Asparagus Spears, Cafe Breaks pudding, Garlique (30) & 19 Ziploc storage bags
O: Sponge ($2.19)/Pudding/Asparagus Spears/Ziploc/Garlique/Allegra

SCSD #1:
Kathleen: 20 X2
Julianne: H-D X2 (BS: .2)
Steven ($18,425): 30 X2

7. Victor Gonzalez
IUFB #4: PS4 pkg. (J at #5)

Thomas: 1100/Tracy: 500/Sonya: 1200/VICTOR: 700

Victor was a $20 off & could next be a winner of the LG W/D (M) & SAMSUNG 65″ 4K 3-D HDTV at the Bargain Game.
LG W/D ($2198): $1200
SAMSUNG 65″ 4K 3-D HDTV ($1800): $700- L

8. Savanna Galloway
IUFB #5: Fitbits (M in front of CR)

Thomas: 400/Tracy: 750/Sonya: 300 (SG)/SAVANNA: 263 (SG)

Thomas plays C-H for the Bodycraft gym, a Danby mini-fridge, a Crystal Sauna for three & Green Blender smoothies for a yr. + the Oster blender, a prize pkg. worth $11,006.
Sunbeam retro radio heater: $29- 4
Waterpik: $39- 5
Dirt Devil hand vac: $48- 8

FINAL PLAYER: Michael Kuzlik
FINAL IUFB: SuperJeweler diamond pendant necklace (R in CR)

MICHAEL: 1100/Tracy: 1300/Sonya: 1301/Savanna: 1099

Savanna could LeU for the ’17 Nissan Versa Plus (Std., Mats, Mirror)(M).

_: $875- 7pc WUSTHOF cutlery + two chopping boards
_: $94- Salt/pepper grinders
_: Imperia pasta maker

T1: $17,985- 1 RIGHT
FA: $15,905- O

SCSD #2:
Victor: 60 + 30 = .9
Sonya: 60 + 65
Thomas ($11,614): 60 + 20 = .8

R of #1- Apple MacBook Pro & 27″ iMac (J)
#1- LAMPS PLUS bedroom + intelliBED (M)
#3- ’17 Toyota Corolla


VICTOR’S TRIPCASE (R at #2): 5n at Aloft Asheville Downtown & 6n to both the Lyric Hotel & De Lanna Hotel

BID ON TRIPCASE: $28.5K (ARP: $27,867)

I’m so sorry, Julianne…everybody’s going home & you’re gonna have pay tax & title on a car- the ARP of your SC was $30,416.


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 5/10/17" (2)

  1. This was not one of good shows. 2 games won: Car win from hole in one. 2 fuckin losers in the showcase and a Car win in the showcase.

    My rating: Low 7

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