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Rachel: STAMP #1- DUD (CURTAIN #2: L.R. group)
Ryan: STAMP #2- DUD (CURTAIN #3: Entertainment suite)
Deanacia: STAMP #3- 4n at PIER 2620 HOTEL in S.F. ($7,092)(BB: Wind-up car)

GFaS: Rebecca
C: Volkswagen Jetta

Gotham City & Metropolis: GOTHAM CITY$
Eggnog & hot chocolate: H.C.$
“Goonies” & “Revenge of the Nerds”: “GOONIES”$
Z’S REMOVED: #15, #10 & #31/3

Lorenzo’s FD D: #3 (UTOMHUS…OUTDOORS)- Beach sports pkg. ($4,518)(Giant E: Comic book)

$800 SS: Christine & Sheila (Nigerian)
RB: BOTH- Alexander McQueen acc. (CT for both: $3,880)
GB: Christine- ASUS laptop & hTC phone (Her CT: $5,669)
BB: REJECTED- Diamond ring ($4,200)

Jerynnerae: 5
Charles: 2

J: 2/3 ($800)
C: 3/6 (TWO GRAND)
J: 6/3
J: DOUBLE 4’s ($2300)
C: 2/5 ($2600)
J: DOUBLE 4’s (GB: KIA Rio in #1)

Carolyn’s Debate FD D: #3- Trip to mahekal in Mexico (Jonathan: $500 Sur la table GT)


C&P: Meghann
R1: #3VESPA Sprint (AT LEAST $100: $1.5K)
R2: AT LEAST $300 $1.5K (SB: Ice slippers)
#2: REJECTED- Kitchen & yr.’s worth of groc.

BD (Carolyn):
SD (#2): Exercise pkg.
MD (#1): Game rm.
BD (#3): Trip to Montreal + RICARDO ($7,589) & FIAT 500 Easy- W

Robin: Toy sheriff’s badge ($500)- $
Bryan: 280 lbs. is within five of the weight posted on his driver’s license (J)($200)- 255
Ahmed: Throw hat onto the hub (T)($200)- $


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 5/10/17" (2)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Okay show. Although no car winner, the car was won including the trip to Montreal at the Big Deal. What do you say, Ant0824?
    Grade: C+

  2. Good show. First went from Small Deal win Monday, then Medium Deal win Yesterday and now Big Deal Win. No Skunks allowed.

    My rating: 7

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