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Emily Mickool (12)(Yarmouth, ME)
Zeynep Cag (11)(Jersey City- half-Turkish & half-Italian)
Busem Zencirli (10)(ATL- has online cupcake business)
Asma Elgack (11)(Austin)
J: Geoffrey, Alex & JB Smoove

Breakfast: Farm-fresh eggs, turkey bacon, maple cotton candy & Beghrir
Emily: “Crepe du Soleil” w/ maple Greek yogurt & turkey bacon
Busem: Turkey bacon scramble w/ fried Beghrir & maple cotton candy sauce
Zeynap: Moroccan pancake infused w/ maple cotton candy & fried eggs
Asma: Open-faced breakfast sandwich w/ candied maple bacon- C

Lunch: Chicken burgers, frozen French fries, squeezable berry lemonade juice pouches & shepherd’s salad
Busem: Chicken meatballs w/ warm shepherd’s saute
Zeynap: Durum w/ ground chicken & pickled onions
Emily: Croque-monsieur & arugula salad w/ French fry croutons- C

Dinner: Lamb tenderloin, honey nut squash, figs & kanafeh
Zeynap: Lamb kebab w/ tomato sauce & sweet squash
Busem: Pan-seared lamb tenderloin w/ fig butter & squash puree
W- Busem


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