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“The Wall” 5/8

T: Ryan & Stephanie Starkey (he’s a combat flight instructor & A.F. member; she’s an ES teacher)

#1: Bradley Cooper’s childhood home was in the suburbs of which U.S. city- Boston or Philadelphia?
BOS– 20K (L)/TWO IN 100 (R)
#2: The Statue of Liberty’s torch is held in which of her hands?
Right– 1 (FARTHEST L)/5K (R)/1 (FARTHEST R)
#3: Which of these’s often called the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced in human skin in response to sunlight- C or D?
D– 5K (L)/1 (JUST L OF 25K)/10 (R)
#4: On “In Living Color”, Damon Wayans played a cynical clown who went by which name- Krusty or Homey?
Homey– TWO IN 100 (L)/20K (R)
#5: Gatorade was formulated by a team of researchers at which university- FL or OH St.?
FL– 5K (L)/10K (L)/1 (FARTHEST R) = $45,214

R2 Freebies (#1 & #7): 1/100K NEXT TO THAT 1 = $145,215

#1 (#6): Who was U.S. President when “U Can’t Touch This” debuted- Reagan, George H.W. Bush or Clinton?
George H.W. Bush– 10 (L)
#2 (#3- DOUBLE): The polar bear’s scientific name, urus maritimus, translates to which of the following- white bear, sea bear or sea mammal?
Sea bear– 50K/125K = $320,225
#3 (#4- TRIPLE): If combined, the color pigment of the wrapper of a packet of original Splenda & the color pigment of the wrapper of a packet of Equal original create which color- green, orange or purple?
Green– 1 (L OF 50K)/10 (R)/250K = $570,236
End-of-Rd. Deductions: THE 1’s BRACKETING THE 50K = $570,234

R3 Freebies:
#7- 400K
#1- 1 (FURTHEST L)
#4- 1 (IN BETWEEN 200K & 300K)
#4- 100K = $1,070,236

#1 (#5): Which of these big screen hero-villain pairs are revealed to be long-lost brothers within their film franchise- Superman & Lex Luthor, Austin Powers & Dr. Evil, Batman & The Joker or James Bond & Auric Goldfinger?
Austin Powers & Dr. Evil– 10 (IN BETWEEN 400K & 500K)
#2 (#6- DOUBLE): The airport w/ the most passenger traffic in the world, acc. to Airports Council International, has which three-letter code- LAX, JFK, ORD or ATL?
#3 (#4- TRIPLE): The game OPERATION was first published in 1965. Which of these was an ailment from the original game- wrenched ankle, motor mouth, knot in the back or jelly belly?
Wrenched ankle– 100K/400K/100 (NEXT TO THE MILLION) = $970,346

End-of-Rd. Deductions:
#7- 1 (IN BETWEEN 300K & 400K)
#4- 100K
#4- 300K = $570,344


Comments on: "“The Wall” 5/8" (2)

  1. Good Show. Especially when the team won over $570K.

    My rating: 8

  2. ant0824 Give some props to Stephanie when she talked herself out of a Splenda pink packet to a Splenda yellow packet. That was something.

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