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$7K: If a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels version of the ’71 Plymouth Barracuda’s almost 3″ long, about how long’s the full-size version of that classic muscle car?

A: 10′
B: 16′
C: 21′
D: 24′


$10K: Which of the following bodily fluids comes in three different types: “basal”, “reflex” & “psychic”?

A: Spinal fluid
B: Bile
C: Tears
D: Amniotic fluid

+1 TIME (Mickie)
Spinal fluidNO HELP (A: Tears)

Tiffany Knorr (Tucson)

$500: Which of these DOESN’T appear on Georgetown Univ.’s list of possible areas of practice for its law students?

A: Corporate Law
B: International Trade Law
C: Trusts & Estates Law
D: Jude Law

Jude Law$

$1K: Catering to the 80% of women who do it when they get married, I’m a Mrs. & HitchSwitch are two cos. that assist w/ what?

A: Having a nervous breakdown
B: Changing your last name
C: Adopting a wild tiger
D: Training to be an astronaut

Changing your last name$

$2K: Bloomberg says that thanks to healthier diets & the lead crisis in Flint, in ’16 what would outsell soda in the U.S. for the first time?

A: Bottled water
B: Chocolate milk
C: Red Bull
D: Moonshine

Bottled water$

$3K: Like Sherlock Holmes, which of these famous inventors had an assistant w/ the surname Watson?

A: Thomas Edison
B: Guglielmo Marconi
C: Philo T. Farnsworth
D: Alexander Graham Bell


A: 37%
B: 5%
C: 6%
D: 52%


$5K: Acc. to TIME, what’s the ratio of cookie-to-creme in a classic OREO?

A: 32% cookie, 68% creme
B: 52% cookie, 48% creme
C: 71% cookie, 29% creme
D: 92% cookie, 8% creme

50:50– B&C
71% cookie, 29% creme $

$7K: Which “Girls” star’s a daughter of the award-winning playwright known for works like “Speed-the-Plow” & “Glengarry Glen Ross”?

A: Allison Williams
B: Jemima Kirke
C: Lena Dunham
D: Zosia Mamet

FINAL LL (Zach of the Navy)
LenaNO MORE (A: Zosia)

QotD: Proving that entertaining a child DOESN’T have to be expensive, which of these basic moving supplies has been inducted into the National Toy HoF?
A: Cardboard box
B: Packing peanuts
C: Duct tape
D: Scissors

Thousandaire: Sasha Manger

The Atlantic Ocean’s believed to take its name from which figure in Greek mythology?

A: Athena
B: Apollo
C: Atlas
D: Aphrodite

FA: Atlas


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