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Deal #1:
$1K Rd. (Di- male): #3- Houseboat
$1250 Rd. (Amina): BB- LG W/D
FR (Kimberly): GIANT ENVELOPE- Trip to Melia Braco Village ($7,986)(Golden E: $75.00)

MoU: Mary
C (#1): FIAT 124 Spider Lusso
R: 1 ($400), 4 ($500), 3 ($1250)- SAT (would’ve rolled a $2K 2 next before finally rolling a 6- too bad she wasn’t playing One-Die Galaxy instead)

JBH: Julianna

#1: Will I need to make room for it in my house?
#2: Is it meant to be entertaining?
#3: Does it need electricity?
#4: Will I need a ticket to use it?
#5: Does it have an engine?

#5: N
#1: Y
#4: N
FD: SE- ZONKEY photo (#2: Game rm.)

LOTTO Qualifying Rd.:
Patricia: GW
Nastashia: B$250
Martiza: R$100
C (#1): Toyota Prius c
P: #2, #3 & #6
ST (SB): 4n at Quail Lodge & Golf Club ($2,724)

#2: CAR

Patrick’s FD D (French teacher orig. from the Ivory Coast in West Africa): $800 (#2)- Benelli motorscooters
Daniel & Jessica’s FD D (engaged at the time of taping): BIG BOX- Z art collection (Antique punch bowl: $750 + smarTour of China/#3: Patio furn. & coconut water)

Emilia’s $5K GC C: A
FD: SB- Vegan handbags/jewelry (A: .00)

BD (Amina):
SD (#2): Workout pkg. ($2,399) + $1,200
MD (#1): Theater rm. ($5,949)- X
BD (#3): Whitewater rafting trip pkg. & Ford Focus SE

$500 QD (Bridget): Mitten (J)- $


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 5/9/17" (2)

  1. Okay show. No car win and bailout in Moving on up dice version would been a Car wipeout. Medium Deal win in the big deal.

    My rating : 6

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      I’m pretty sure that May would be the worst month for the Big Deal. Good thing it wasn’t right off the bat.
      Grade: C+

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