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Rashad & Emma (Jive): “Shake a Tail Feather” by The Blues Bros.- FOUR 9’s
Normani & Val (Contemp.): “Freedom” by Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton- PERFECTION
Bonner & Sharna (AT): “Believer” by Imagine Dragons- ALTERNATING 8’s & 7’s
Simone & Sasha (F): “What Makes You Beautiful”- SAME AS RASHAD & EMMA
David & Lindsay (W): “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw- ALSO GOT FOUR 9’s

Trio Rd. (the judges assigned the 3rd partners this season):
Rashad, Emma & Witney (AT): “Dreams” by Bastille ft. Gabrielle Aplin- 10/9/10/10
Normani, Val & Alan (Jive): “Feeling Alive” by Earl St. Clair- SAME AS TEAM RASHAD
Bonner, Sharna & Britt (Jazz): “That’s What I Like” (boss rm. setting)- FOUR 7’s
Simone, Sasha & Brittany (PD): “Don’t Let Me Down”- FOUR 9’s AGAIN
David, Lindsay & Hayley (PD): “Gangsta’s Paradise” by 2WEI (castle setting)- 7/7/8/7

OUT OF HERE- Bonner & Sharna


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