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FF: Kimberly Haller, Brian Ugorek, Patricia Harleston & Jonathan Ward
IUFB #1: hTC smartphone + case (ceiling)


Brian was off by $49 & plays DtM for the SAMSUNG 65″ 4K HDTV (R) & LG French-door fridge (M).
A: $900
G: SAMSUNG 65″ 4K HDTV + $900 = LG French-door fridge

5. Sharon Moore
IUFB #2: 4pc Belle Etoile jewelry (R)

Kimberly: 1202/SHARON: 1200/Patricia: 1700/Jonathan: 1201

Value: $1,…293- Kimberly tries to beat SB for a ’17 Hyundai Elantra (Std., PEP) valued at $19,785.
F: #1 & #8

Sunbeam 1400w iron: 49
andis ionic hairdryer: 32
Melitta elec. kettle: 60 ($39)
WIPEOUT (both R’s)

6. Brian Hurling
IUFB #3: CRESSI SCUBA gear (R at SS)

BRIAN: 1600/Sharon: 1800/Patricia: 2K/Jonathan: 1

Patricia by default will spin TBW last after Bonkers for a trip to the V Heaven in the D.R. (#5- M holding James cutout).
BB: 4576

#1: HLLH
#2: HLLL
#3: HLHH
#4: LLLL
FT: HLHL- L (ARP: $5752)

SCSD #1:
Brian: 15 X3
Kimberly: 45 + 20 = .65
Patricia: DIME + 15 = QUARTER

7. Sherry Gillieland
IUFB #4: 10pc T-FAL cookware + three small appliances (R at RS)

Brian: 550/Sharon: 700/SHERRY: 650/Jonathan: 699

Sherry overbid by 30 bucks- can big Brian be the first winner of a game today on Most Expen$ive? Let’s find out.
10pc COACH acc. (R)- W
Lenovo touchscreen + red Canon printer (M)
CARROM domed hockey table (G)

8. Jennifer Joppru
IUFB #5: PENTAX 24.2mp (R in CR)

JENNIFER: 822/Sharon: 950/Sherry: 955/Jonathan: 1K

NO bonus for this one-bid, but Jennifer can win a 17d AAT Kings tour of New Zealand (#4) worth $14,066 figuring out which items are NoT (feb. ’05 feb.)
I: Aspercreme applicator, Baker’s Joy ($2.69), St. Ives apricot scrub ($3.29), ACT Dry Mouth mouthwash, Lipton Recipe Secrets onion mix ($1.99) & Garlique (30)($9.51)

Apricot scrub: T- $
ACT mouthwash: N- $
Lipton Recipe Secrets: N- W

FINAL PLAYER: Clayton Cramer
FINAL IUFB: KICKER 8pc car stereo (M at GPT)

CLAYTON: 1050/Sharon: 2.5K/Sherry: 1K/Jonathan: 1051

That $1960 thingy will go inside a ’17 Ford Fiesta HB (Std., Wheels, AT, CWP, FabProt) pending he wins the Card Game.
RC: #2- $5K
D: 9♦ & 7♥

FR: $16,600-$21,600
ARP: $18,214$

SCSD #2:
Brian ($7,394): DOUBLE 55s
Jennifer ($14,966): H-D + 85
Jonathan ($20,174): .2

In front of CR- Trip to Hotel Mediteran Ulcinj (R)
#3- ’17 Nissan Sentra


R of #1- 5n at The Inn at Round Barn Farm (R)
#1- Sym Wolf Classic 150 motorcycle (M)
#2- ’17 Chevrolet Spark (Std., CMats)($14,010)

BID ON TRIP/VEHICLES SHOWCASE: $26,510 (ARP: $22,635- yeah, both of Jonathan’s cars did appear in #3 at the end)


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 5/8/17" (2)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    Good episode today despite a rough start this week.
    Grade: B-

  2. From a Skunk first half to a Perfect second Half led by Jonathan winning 2 cars, one from Card Game and one from the Showcase.

    My rating: 7

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