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Steven Fehr (“STAR WARS” fan from Midvale, UT- “STAR WARS” day was four days ago)
+1: Charles (his nemesis)

$500: Which of these ISN’T one of the seven groups in which dogs are judged at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?

A: The Hound Group
B: The Terrier Group
C: The Herding Group
D: The Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group$

$1K: BOTH the owners of luxurious Greek villas, Sean Connery & the Netherlands’ King Willem-Alexander reportedly share what status symbol of the rich?

A: An outhouse
B: A rake
C: A helicopter pad
D: A garden gnome

Helicopter pad$

$2K: Univ. of Cambridge scientists say that because they provide a form of thermal insulation, bathing w/ what can help keep your tub water hotter for longer?

A: A trashy novel
B: A loofah brush
C: Bath bubbles
D: Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Bath bubbles$

$3K: If you’re face-to-face w/ your pollex & four phalanges, what are you looking at?

A: Your art collection
B: Your medicine cabinet
C: Your Taco Bell takeout order
D: Your hand


$5K: Which of these’s NEITHER the title of a classic Disney song, NOR the name of the strip club on “THE SIMPSONS”, NOR a popular Korean rice dish?

A: Bibimbap
B: Baba Booey
C: Bada Bing
D: “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”


A: 31%
B: 63%
C: 5%
D: 1%

Baba Booey $

$7K: Which one of these words CAN’T be transformed into a U.S. state capital by changing one letter?



$10K: Last staged in 1904, which of these former Olympic sports was restored as an event at the 2016 Summer Games?

A: Cricket
B: Golf
C: Polo
D: Lacrosse


$20K: From the very first one sold in Jun. ’07 to the billionth sold in Jul. ’16, an avg. of roughly how many iPhones were bought each day?

A: 100K
B: 300K
C: 500K
D: 1M


Next: C.J. Hill

$500: In French cooking Bechamel, Veloute & Hollandaise are among the five so-called what?

A: Mother sauces
B: Brother-in-law glazes
C: Weird uncle wines
D: First cousin once removed mustards

Mother sauces$

$1K: While claiming they “don’t deter criminals”, The Atlantic reports that which of these ANNOYING noises are FALSELY triggered over 95% of the time?

A: Smoke detectors
B: Car alarms
C: Alarm clocks
D: Howler monkey mating calls

Car alarms$

QotD: British fossil collector & paleontology pioneer Mary Anning was thought to have inspired what common tongue twister?
A: “Nice nice night nurses nursing nicely”
B: “Kitty caught the kitten in the kitchen”
C: “She sells seashells on the seashore”
D: “Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear”

$2K: Lady Godiva’s NAKED horseback ride, the Boston Tea Party & the Whiskey Rebellion were ALL famous examples of what?

A: Tax protests
B: Birthday celebrations
C: High school pep rallies
D: Live TV musicals

Tax protests$

$3K: Rarely seen in public since their high-profile divorce, which athlete owns a multi-million-dollar yacht that’s appropriately named “Privacy”?

A: Serena Williams
B: LeBron James
C: Tiger Woods
D: Tom Brady


A & B: 2% a head
C: 92%
D: 4%


$5K: Featured in gadgets ranging from ’70s digital watches to modern flat-screen TVs, what does the D in LCD stand for?

A: Disc
B: Display
C: Default
D: Digital



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