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Families Competing This Wk.:
Henrys: Blanch, Brandon & Tiera (Serenity Tearoom & Fine Dining)
Lis: Andy, Irene & Margaret (Mei Mei food truck)
J: Eddie, Aarti & Brandi

The winner of each rd. would pick up an advantage in the next rd. & the final rd. would determine who would go on the $20K dash.

GL: Soy sauce, pretzels, carrots & Chanterelles
Margaret: Pork dumplings w/ carrot-ginger puree & soy-vinegar sauce
Blanch: Fried pork chop w/ Chanterelle bacon gravy
W- Blanch

BB: $19 (the Henrys received an extra $5)
Brandon: Shrimp & grits w/ hickory-smoked tomato butter
Andy: Grilled swordfish w/ mashed potatoes & Chili Sambal snow peas
W- Andy

EL: EIGHT (plus one for the Lis)
Irene: Honey walnut shrimp w/ broccoli
Tiera: Peach crisp w/ Chai Tea I.C.
W- Henrys

#1: Often mistaken for a yam, there’s no mistaking the tasty pies made from this tuber (SWEET POTATO)
#2: Spanish for “painted”, this bean’s typically found in burritos (PINTO)
#3: This fortified wine, often used in cooking, originated in Southern Spain (SHERRY)
#4: Rustic bread whose name means “slipper” in Italian (CIABATTA)
#5: Spicy red chili sauce named for a town in Thailand- X (A: SRIRACHA)


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