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M-U: Malus v. Parkers (Monica, Mo, Karen, Adam & Tim)

R1: Name something a woman sees in her boyfriend’s home that makes her realize he’s married:

#2:  Women’s clothing (14)(Siota)
#5: Ring/wedding band (4)(Monica)

Malus: Photos of wife/kids (TA- 48), that it’s clean (OTHER BA), candles, pot/pans, jewelry
Monica Steal: Makeup/toiletries- T3 (6)(Leftover: Wife)

R2: Name another way people say “vomit”:

#1: Puke (47)(Arona)

Malus: Throw up (#2- 22), barf (#3- 12), upchuck (T4- 6), BF, spitting up, hurl (T4), throw it down
Monica Steal #2: Blow chunks (Unsaid BAs: Ralph & be sick- 2 each)

Double: Name something that might be two in. too short:

#1: Pants/skirt/hem (24)(Karen)
#3: Height/Tom Cruise (12)(Tahiamauani)

Parkers: Ladder, guy’s stubby chode (#2- 17), belt, hair(cut)(#4- 10), distances you’re running
Siota Steal: Shirt (BAs both unsaid: Rope & cut lumber/board- 4 each)

TRIPLE: Past or present, name a famous George:

#1: Washington (46)(Adam)

Parkers: Foreman, Bush (#3- 13), Strait, Clooney  (#2- 21) & Henry
Siota Steal to Retain: Curious George (Only on bottom: Burns- 7)

#1: Acc. to the men, how long would you have to be lost before you ask for directions?
#2: Name the strangest animal you’ve seen someone ride.
#3: A game neighborhood kids get together to play.
#4: A document people keep a copy of at their home.
#5: A drink you CAN’T drink fast.

Monica: Hr. (28), elephant (7), tag (14), marriage license (16) & beer (17)
Tim: Half-hr. (18), camel (18), hide and seek (14), vehicle registration (2) & coffee (39)
Unsaid #1s: Ostrich, baseball/stickball & birth certificate


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 2/27/13" (1)

  1. jpgenius said:

    I would’ve said George Michael for the last question. RIP George.

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