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BT: Sherelle & Shayna (twins)
Pro Player Socks: Which former President had a cat named Socks- Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton?
G: Reagan
YT: Curtis & Meghan
100% Extra Virgin olive oil: What country’s the world’s leading producer of olive oil- Spain or Italy?
G: Italy

Gain detergent: What have they dubbed its most loyal fans- Hardcore Gainers or Gainiacs?
YT: Gainiacs
Drawstring trash bags: What celebrity showed up at NY’s Fashion Wk. wearing a dress made out of a black trash bag- Lady GaGa or Katy Perry?
BT: Lady GaGa
Charmin Ultra Soft: A ’70 survey listed a character from a Charmin commercial as the most recognizable face in North America- was it Mr. Charming or Mr. Whipple?
YT: Mr. Whipple
Jellybeans: They were thought to have originated as a snack for soldiers in which war- Civil or Revolutionary?
YT: Revolutionary
Crest 3D White toothpaste: Crest once had its own superhero team that defended the city of Toothopolis from what menace- gingivitis or Cavity Creeps?
YT: Cavity Creeps


Mustard: SMELL- Y
Popsicles: TOUCH- Y
Chocolate-covered raisins: TASTE- Y

100% pure ground beef: TOUCH- Y
Oatmeal cookies: SMELL- GINGER SNAPS
Applesauce: TASTE- Y


L1: Drano LIQUID, Sprite zero (cans), pet tennis balls, all-purpose flour & P.B. cups
Meghan: Drano
Shayna: Sprite zero
Meghan: Tennis balls
Shayna: Flour
Meghan: P.B. cups

L2: Knorr Fiesta Sides Spanish rice, nasal spray, stainless-steel vegetable peeler, Kellogg’s RICE KRISPIES, cherry lip balm, Lipton teabags & Right Guard Sport aerosol
Curtis: Fiesta Sides
Sherelle: Lip balm
Curtis: Nasal spray
Sherelle: Teabags
Curtis: Peeler
Sherelle: Deodorant
Curtis: Rice

L3: Kitchen towels, Pledge Lemon Clean spray, SOUR Skittles, soy sauce, security envelopes (40), CHEEZ-IT white cheddar, Gain dryer sheets, Fanta orange (bottle) & paper tape
Shayna: Security envelopes
Meghan: Skittles
Shayna: Fanta orange
Meghan: Paper tape

#18 (Old Spice Swagger B.W.)- $900
#19 (Gain Scent Booster)- $1K (that’s the best you can do w/o winning the $5K)

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