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Possibly the Last Teacher This Wk.: Jen Sculley (DEN)
+1: Donna

$500: “Start with a detailed plan”, “Make clamps your friends” & “Keep your fingers” are all tips Popular Mechanics says you should remember from what class?

A: AP Calculus
B: Spanish
C: Shop
D: American Literature


$1K: Former ESPn & HBO personality Bill Simmons is fittingly known by what nickname?

A: “The Weather Guy”
B: “The Sports Guy”
C: “The Traffic Guy”
D: “The Guy Who Announces the LOTTO Numbers”

“The Sports Guy”$

$2K: In 2007 an L.A.-area school was renamed what to honor a certain action star-turned-governor’s “commitment to the education of all CA children”?

A: Arnold Schwarzenegger Elementary
B: Dwayne Johnson Middle School
C: Vin Diesel Academy
D: Jason Statham High

Arnold Schwarzenegger Elementary$

$3K: While it’s often called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, whose Department of Natural Resources reports that the state’s actually home to 11,842 of ’em?



$5K: Which of these statements about inventors of musical instruments ISN’T true?

A: Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone
B: Robert Moog invented the synthesizer
C: Leon Theremin invented the theremin
D: Mortimer Xylophone invented the xylophone

AtA & 50:50

A: 3%
B: 19% (LEFT)
C: 43%
D: 35% (LEFT)

Xylophone invented the xylophone$

$7K: Inspired by its size & shape, the name of which body part comes from a Latin term meaning “little grape”?

A: Uterus
B: Coccyx
C: Uvula
D: Cerebellum


$10K: In 1969 who became the first person to deliver the commencement speech at Wellesley College while still a student there?

A: Oprah
B: Barbara Walters
C: Hillary Clinton
D: Ruth Bader Ginsburg


$20K: While the Pentagon famously has five sides, how many sides does a dodecagonal building like Seville’s medieval watchtower, the Torre del Oro, have?

A: 10
B: 12
C: 16
D: 20


QotD: Having removed all religious references, a CA school district that now teaches yoga has renamed what pose “crisscross applesauce”?
A: Lotus
B: Warrior I
C: Downward Dog
D: Pigeon

Thousandaire: Rob Golran

Which of the following movies is commonly considered a “guy cry”, the male version of a tear-jerking chick flick?

A: “The Hangover”
C: “Saving Private Ryan”
D: “jackass: the movie”

FA: “Saving Private Ryan”


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