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G1: Jarrod, Olivia & Eric (Zabar’s)(BtG: 34)

#1: In the 2004 Democratic Presidential Primaries, what candidate exited early despite claims that he was gathering “Joementum”?
Joe Lieberman
#2: An old-time synonym for “outer space”, what clear, inhalable liquid was used as an anesthetic during the Civil War?
MSO: Jarrod’s mom Sandy
#3: Formerly the Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company, what corporation got consumers stuck on using Scotch tape?
#4: Securing publishing rights to Noah Webster’s Dictionary in 1843, brothers Charles & George shared what last name?

Sole $200 Q: A staple sandwich spread in Australia, what brown, yeast-based paste’s said to taste like a mixture of salt & battery acid?

VB: Spanning two South American countries, this region’s synonymous w/ breathtaking glaciers, windswept plains & high-end hiking clothes. Allegedly named for a mythical race of giants, what’s this sprawling destination?
FA: Patagonia ($1600)

G2: Scott & Jennifer (91st between 1st & York)(BtG: 44)

DR: Lazarus & Gio (BLT Fish on 17th)(BtG: 46)

#1: As suggested by its name, what surgical procedure’s performed by snipping & tying ducts called the Vas Deferens?
#2: Sometimes abbrev. HV, what dangerous condition’s symbolized by a yellow triangle w/ a black lightning bolt?
High voltage
#3: Available locally in green tea & cherry blossom flavors, Kit-Kat bars are oddly popular among kids of what nation?
#4: Home to Congress & the Supreme Court, what elevated D.C. district was once known as Jenkins Heights?
Capitol Hill

#1: Known for its comically-ANNOYING sound, a tromboon pairs the slide of a trombone w/ the mouthpiece of what woodwind?
RLC: Acc. to USDA guidelines issued in 2001, what five fruits should be featured in a can of fruit cocktail?
Pineapples, peaches, pears, cherries & grapes
#2: What demographic WASN’T granted U.S. citizenship until 1924?
American Indian
#3: Located along the Rockies, what geological partition determines whether running water flows towards the Pacific or the Atlantic?
The Continental Divide
#4: Perpetually stuck in the 1950s, what beloved Broadway musical was called “Vaselina” in Mexico?

#1: Although they DON’T share a border, what state seceded from MA as part of the Missouri Compromise?
MSO: Stephano Minnelli
RLC #2: As determined by The HOLLYWOOD Reporter, name five of the seven highest-paid actresses of ’07.
Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz & Nicole Kidman (Didn’t Need: Sandra Bullock & Renee Zellweger)- RETIRED STRIKE-FREE ($2600)


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