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Signed In Next: Mirna Valerio (Spanish teacher & cross-country teacher in Rabun Gap, GA)
+1: Nicki (math teacher)

$500: Taking advantage of unused space, starting this yr., the roofs of new buildings 10 stories or shorter in San Francisco must be equipped w/ what?

A: Solar panels
C: Ping-pong tables
D: All-you-can-eat buffets

Solar panels$

$1K: W/ tens of thousands of Irish immigrants passing through it between 1832 & 1937, Quebec’s Grosse Ile is often known as Canada’s what?

A: Ellis Island
B: Rhode Island
C: Treasure Island
D: Fantasy Island

Ellis Island$

$2K: In a ’16 interview, Mila Kunis revealed that her & Ashton Kutcher’s wedding rings were purchased for a combined $190 on what craft website?

A: Tiffany
B: Harry Winston
C: Cartier
D: Etsy


$3K: Acc. to the National Center for Education Statistics, roughly what proportion of public school teachers are female?

A: 10%
B: 25%
C: 40%
D: 75%

50:50– 10% & 75%

$5K: In the U.S., the members of what cat breed all descend from Wong Mau, a cat said to have been brought home in 1930 by a sailor stationed in SE Asia?

A: Burmese
B: Siberian
C: Persian
D: Turkish Angora

Burmese $

$7K: Which of these WASN’T the title of an actual TV series starring a current GS host?

B: “The Wayne Brady Show”
C: “The Drew Carey Show”
D: “The Alex Trebek Show”


A: 1%
B: 4%
C: 2%
D: 93%

“The Alex Trebek Show”$

$10K: What co.’s slogan is “Ich liebe es” in Germany, “C’est tout ce que j’aime” in France & “Me Encanta” in El Salvador?

A: Coca-Cola
B: Verizon
D: McDonald’s


$20K: Daniel Day-Lewis has won Best Actor OSCARS for playing characters who in the films have had ALL BUT which of these occupations?

A: Oil baron
B: U.S. President
C: Artist
D: Butcher

FA: BAILOUT (A: Butcher)

QotD: A well-known method of teaching characterized by asking questions is named after what historic thinker?
A: Galileo
B: Descartes
C: Plato
D: Socrates

Thousandaire: Tiera Carter

A carb lover’s dream, the “chip butty” is a British sandwich that has two pieces of buttered bread w/ what in between?

A: Mac ‘n cheese
B: Rice pilaf
C: French fries
D: A loaded baked potato

FA: French fries


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