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“Chopped” 5/2/17

T.J. Ingraham (VERDE food truck chef/owner in Boulder- began in ’10)
Judee Obcena (Marc Forgione Restaurant chef de partie)
James Horn (Angejo Restaurant Group dir. of operations who grew up in New Jersey)
Frida Karani (EC at The Pentagon in our nation’s capital; she was born/raised in Kenya)
J: Scott, Alex & Chris

A: Toybox eggplant, mission figs, sweetened condensed milk & matambre
T.J.: Fried eggplant w/ sauteed matambre & fig emulsion
Judy: Fried matambre w/ fig balsamic sauce
James: Crispy matambre w/ eggplant puree & fig mostarda
Frida: Eggplant & fig salad w/ fig & condensed milk vinaigrette
C- T.J.

E: Hamachi collar, bok choy, grass jelly drink & watermelon feta salad
James: Miso & bacon hamachi collar w/ hummus & pesto sauce
Frida: Seared hamachi w/ braised bok choy & fondant potato
Judy: Grilled hamachi w/ grass jelly rice & “Bang Bang” sauce- C

D: Tofu sheets, baked lemon ricotta, blackberries & lavender salt
Frida: Berry cobbler w/ lavender & vanilla I.C.
James: Zeppole w/ Ricotta cake wrap & W.C.
W- Frida


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