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FF: Melissa Chipchak, David Valletta, Stacey Tothill (male) & April East
IUFB #1: Electra bikes + helmets (J & A)

MELISSA: 425/DAVID: 1400/STACEY: 905/APRIL: 550

Stacey will next have TUMI luggage (R) to take on a trip to the Seaside Boutique Hotel in Bali (A) totaling $9,920 all at 2ftPo1.


5. Antoinette Oliver-Woodworth
IUFB #2: Apple MacBook (J)

Melissa: 1800/David: 695/ANTOINETTE: 1150/April: 1K

Antoinette plays LeR right away for the ’17 Hyundai Elantra (A).
I: Bumble Bee Solid Albacore ($2.29), Keebler CLUB crackers & nutella (7.7oz)- STYMIED BY THE SPREAD’S JAR SIZE

#1: 1.5K/CAR/CAR/CAR/1K

6. Nancy Maxwell
IUFB #3: QFX PA system + wireless mike & portable music player (R at #5)

Melissa: 851/David: 852/NANCY: 500/April: 850

Total value: $1,050- David plays FF for the BULL Western Q island & 5pc resin wicker dining set (J).
PP: $1671, $2890, $3764, $4352, $5216, $6437, $7137 & $9043
G: 9043

SCSD #1:
Stacey: $1K (BS: .7)
David ($10,093): NICKEL X20 (BS: .95)
Antoinette ($20,354): 70 + 35

7. Jeffrey Diner
IUFB #4: Canon Rebel 24.2mp + memory card & flash (ceiling)

Melissa: 1/JEFFREY: 1150/Nancy: 1264/April: 1200

It all sells for: $1,…689- Nancy will take a holiday to The Westin Whistler (R at #4) by writing a permissible amt. on the Check Game (she said her sister just went there).
C: $2K
T: $5,555
T = $7,555

8. Renee Scott
IUFB #5: NAPOLEON entertainment center fireplace + chaise lounge (R at SS)

Melissa: 1800/Jeffrey: 1151/RENEE: 1100/April: 1150

W/ the 1st-place finisher in RR, Jeffrey can visit a “Diner” in the ’17 Forte (J); he can also win a Microsoft XBOX ONE racing pkg. & SONY 65″ UHDTV.

Marie Callender’s Fettuccini: $4.39
ChefsChoice heart-shaped waffle maker: $50
AIR-O-SWISS ultrasonic cool mist humidifier: $150 ($200)- GREEN

R (the results board DIDN’T work today):
Y: 4TH
B: 65″ HDTV
P: VGs

FINAL PLAYER: Rachel Ybarra
FINAL IUFB: Park & Sun Sports foozball (A & J at GPT)

Melissa: 1 (OOPS)/RACHEL: 500/Renee: 499 (OOPS)/April: 501

By way of those mistakes, April has a free opportunity at playing S? w/ the SAMSUNG W/D (A) & Tory Burch acc. (R)($3150) avail.
S?: N

SCSD #2:
April ($6,088): 40 + 70
Nancy ($9,244): DIME X4
Jeffrey ($20,139): H-D

Podiums- Ferragamo watches (R)
#4- One wk. AmaWaterways cruise of Europe (J in front of CR)
#3- ’17 Nissan Sentra

BID ON CRUISE/CAR SHOWCASE: $31,650 (ARP: $36,887)

R of #1- A wk.’s stay at LEXINGTON Jackson Hole (A)
#1- NAUTILUS Rebound (R)
#2- Tacoma (Std., Utility)($23,345)

BID ON TRIP/PICKUP SHOWCASE: $28,707 (ARP: $30,871- both his vehicles are in #2; why did I change my mind?)


Comments on: "“The Price is Right” 5/3/17" (2)

  1. Amazing show when you got 5 of the 6 games won including both Cars being won, 2 $1 Spins, and a 3rd Car won in the Showcase resulting Jeffery to win 2 cars.

    My rating: 9

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      That is true and it’s actually a car and a truck.
      Today’s FFBC contestant: Melissa
      Grade: A+

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