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Time Buster: Before they went to sleep to conclude Day 1 of The Final Challenge, they had one hr. to extract as much water as they could from a pile of coconuts & deposit that water into a container. The duo w/ the most water in their container would give a five-min. disadvantage to another two competitors.
W- Cory & Nicole

Day 2: They would face several checkpoint challenges in a jungle before running back to TJ.

#1: Eat ALL of the following- silkworms, grasshoppers, crickets, pond snails & HORSE-URINE-FERMENTED fowl eggs.
#2: As soon as they left their cart, they would ascend a rock face & go through the vines to collect their puzzle pieces. Both teammates had to get all the way across to be able to add the puzzle pieces to their cart & move along.
#3: This time, they would leave their cart to retrieve more puzzle pieces from the waters & add those to their cart.
#4: All of their pieces had to be placed on the rightmost post under these conditions- only one piece could be moved at a time, a larger piece COULDN’T be placed on top of a smaller piece & all pieces except the one being moved had to be on the post at all times.


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