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Joe Aguirre (13)(Austin)
Bella Francisco (12)(Palm Springs)
Olivia Rangel (12)(Prior Lake, MN- she’s Mexican)
Armaan Gupta (12)(Montclair, NJ- Indian heritage)
J: Scott, Kym Whitley & Martita

A: Shredded pork, purple cabbage, pineapple & coconut seltzer
Olivia: Pork Flauta w/ purple cabbage slaw
Bella: Pork verde carnitas taco w/ coconut seltzer slaw
Armaan: Taco “Armaan” Pastor w/ pineapple salsa & cabbage slaw
Joe: Shredded pork & pineapple taco w/ cabbage slaw
C- Armaan

E: Skirt steak, nopales, hominy & Mangonada ice pops
Bella: Fajita skirt steak taco w/ charred peppers & nopales
Joe: Grilled skirt steak w/ spicy nopales sauce
Olivia: Skirt steak & pico de gallo taco w/ chipotle & Mangonada rice

D: Pinata cake, pomegranates, chocolate condensed milk & chicharrones
Bella: Pizzelle taco w/ pomegranate reduction & chocolate I.C.
Olivia: Chocolate & coconut I.C. w/ chicharron tortilla
W- Bella

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