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Next Teacher: Sonya Romero (kindergarten teacher for 20+ yrs. in Albuquerque)
+1: Brother-in-law/firefighter/paramedic

$500: While they may NOT be graded on it, a reported 80% of students say that their favorite “subject” is what?

A: Principles of Computer Science
B: AP Macroeconomics
C: Pre-Columbian History & Culture
D: Recess


$1K: To better celebrate its contestants’ “active lives”, in ’16 the Miss Teen USA pageant announced it was replacing its swimsuit competition w/ a what?

A: Suit of armor competition
B: Athletic wear competition
C: UPS uniform competition
D: Prison jumpsuit competition

Athletic wear comp.$

$2K: Notorious for breaking down collagen & making you look older, what particles have been dubbed “the anarchists of your skin chemistry”?

A: Free radicals
B: Unchained Marxists
C: Escaped Sandinistas
D: Wandering libertarians

Free radicals$

$3K: Letting guests “shake it like a Polaroid picture”, what ’03 hit did FiveThirtyEight.com find to be the song that appears on the most wedding reception playlists?

A: “Bye Bye Bye”
B: “Hey Ya!”
C: “Piano Man”
D: “Gangnam Style”

“Hey Ya!”$

$5K: Famous for the phrase “Cogito, ergo sum”, in a philosophy joke, Rene Descartes walked into a bar, got offered a drink & said “I think not”. What happened next?

A: He vanished
B: He hit on a waitress
C: He played darts
D: He started a brawl


$7K: Maintaining its impressive record 28 yrs. after being mentioned in “Rain Man”, which airline HASN’T had a crash-related fatality since ’51?

A: AmericanAirlines
C: Air New Zealand
D: Air India


$10K: Which of the following countries has a capital city whose name in English DOESN’T end w/ the same letter it starts w/?

A: Poland
B: Ethiopia
C: Norway
D: Libya


A: 16%
B: 11%
C: 25%
D: 48%


$20K: Acc. to the UK version of National Geographic Kids, emperor penguins generally grow to be around 115cm tall, “about the height of the average” what?

A: One-yr.-old
B: Three-yr.-old
C: Six-yr.-old
D: Nine-yr.-old

Three-yr.-oldFA (A: Six-yr.-old)

Bob Scarpone (HS history teacher in Flanders, NJ)

$500: First started in ’52, the National Teacher of the Yr. Program lists ALL BUT which of these as criteria for candidates seeking the honor?

A: Be poised & articulate
B: Inspire students of all backgrounds
C: Have the respect of parents
D: Be able to eat 30 apples in one sitting

Be able to eat 30 apples in one sitting$

$1K: A popular rhyming saying about catchy songwriting says “Don’t bore us, get to the…” what?

A: Jazzy sax solo
B: Piano interlude
C: Chorus
D: Sexually-explicit rapping


$2K: Acc. to research by primatologist Bill Hopkins, about 70% of chimps, like 90% of humans, are what?

A: Taller than six ft.
B: Blue-eyed
C: Right-handed
D: Named “Bubbles”


QotD: Now known for hits like ’14’s “Empire”, who was reportedly told by her HS music teacher that she sounded like a goat?
A: P!nk
B: Shakira
C: Rihanna
D: Britney Spears

$3K: One-time married couple Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise appeared together in ALL BUT which of the following films?

B: “Eyes Wide Shut”
C: “Days of Thunder”
D: “Far and Away”



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