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M-U: Jacksons v. Electonas (Kathy, Jermaine, Jonathan, Karen & James)

R1: Name something a man would HATE to discover the dog did to his toupee:

#2: Chewed/tore/ate (34)(Kathy)
#3: Buried (12)(Tayshia)

Electonas: Peed/pooped on (#1- 39), played w/ it/toy (BA- 2), rubbed butt/sat on (#5- 3), licked/drooled on (OTHER BA), hid, put it on & took outside
Tayshia Steal: Lost (Unsaid: Made love to- 5)

R2 (married ladies): Name a way you wish your hubby was more like Mr. Harvey:

#1: Sense of humor (33)(Jermaine)

Electonas: Sharp clothes (T3- 15), bathing in $ (#2- 19), mustache, fame (T3), white teeth & NOT at home
Tayshia Steal: Handsome (Left on bottom: Sensitive/caring- 10)

Double: Name the WORST place to get caught sneaking out of:

#3: Jail (8)(Bria)
X- Restaurant (Jonathan)

Jacksons: Bedroom/window (#1- 18), mistresses’ home, church (#2- 15), funeral, school
Kathy Steal for One of the Two Bottom Answers: Work- THAT WAS ONE OF ‘EM (7)(Other: Strip joint)

TRIPLE: Name something into which people stick thermometers:

#1: Mouth/tongue (75)(Karen)

Electonas: Ears (T2- 7), armpits, turkey/meat (BA- 6), boiling water & “HERSHEY Highway”

#1: On the scale, how much fun do you have w/ your family?
#2: Something you’re saving $ for.
#3: Name a job a woman WOULDN’T want her hubby to have.
#4: Something people swing.
#5: Name a kind of supply a child needs at elementary school.

Karen: 10 (24), college (6), porn star (5), swing (5) & pens
Kathy: 7 (11), wedding, stripper (27), chair (2) & pencils (45)
Unsaid #1s: Vacay/trip & baseball bat


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