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M-U: Jacksons v. Levines (Debbie, Jerry, Shanna, Phil & Judy)

R1: Name an animal you WOULDN’T want to use in your meatballs:

#2: Dog (14)(Tayshia)
#3: Cat (11)(Debbie)

Jacksons: Rat/mouse (#4- 6), goat, monkey, possum
Debbie Steal: Horse- #1 (33)

T5: Lamb/sheep & cockroach (4 each)
BAs: Snake & bird/duck/chick (3 each)

R2: Name a kind of car that would be very hard to make love in:

#1: Volkswagen (Beetle)(28)(Jerry)
X- Truck (Jasmine)

Levines: Corvette (#4- 6), smart car (#3- 21), Jaguar, Mustang, Porsche (#5- 4), MG
Tayshia Steal: Race (#2: MINI- 22/Sole BA: FIAT- 3)

Double: When a short guy dances w/ a tall girl, they might be dancing cheek to what?:

#1: Teets/boobs (78)(Shanna)

Levines: Belly(button)(T2- 6), knees, shoulders (T2), butt cheek (#4- 3), hip & privates
Tayshia Steal #2: Neck- Y

TRIPLE: If a husband’s glued to the TV, name something his wife can wear to unglue him:

#1: Birthday suit (54)(Joe Ann)
#2: Sexy clothes (41)(Phil)

Jacksons: Perfume, lipstick, towel
Debbie Steal to Stay or Leave: Football jersey (BAs: Gun/shotgun & food/meat dress- 2 a pop)

#1: Acc. to the women, name something you do to make up w/ the man you’ve been FIGHTING w/.
#2: What grade are school kids the MEANEST?
#3: American _____
#4: Something that made you dizzy the first time you tried it.
#5: Something in your home that seems to be on all the time.

Bria: Go to his home, 6th (19), “Idol” (8), amusement park rides (31) & TVs (45)
Darren: Make love to him (19), 8th (20), deli, drinking (17) & lights (15)
Unsaid #1s: Cook/take to dinner, 7th & flag


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