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-There will be NO writers’ strike this time.
-Next wk.’s “WHEEL” Spa Getaway wk. should take place on the same set as “WHEEL Around the World”.
-The reason Jimmy Kimmel was off last wk. because of the arrival of a new child & he got incredibly emotional over it last night.
-If a ball gets stuck on any version of “The Wall”, just like in PL!NKO, they use a stick.
-On the one-hr. version of “Hot Seat”, the three LLs are 50:50, Ask a Friend & Switch the Question.
-David Goldhill’s departing GSN.
-BET has picked up the Wanda Sykes-produced show “Face Value” hosted by Deon Cole.
-British man Tommy Maitland’s been named the host of abc’s “The Gong Show”.
-Pat, Vanna & Alex are renewing through ’20.


Comments on: "5/2/17 Quick News & Notes" (4)

  1. Dalton Higbee said:

    I hope Alex Trebek dies after season 34 ends! Hopefully!

    • Dalton Higbee said:

      I mean because he is hosting the show for WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex Trebek, I hope you retire after season 34 ends!

  2. ‘Tommy Maitland’ is widely believed by the press to be a character/alias created and performed by Mike Myers, much like Paul Reubens hosting the 2001 ABC version of ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ as ‘Troy Stevens’, so if that’s true, then the new ‘Gong Show’ will either be really funny like a lot of his SNL schtick, or as painful as his take on ‘The Cat in The Hat’ (which also had Alec Baldwin to boot).

  3. Ismael Gomez said:

    The last time that Five Price Tags ended in a wipeout is still May 20, 2013.

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