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First Teacher This Wk.: Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis (Greenwich)(who saved ALL 15 of her students during a Sandy Hook tragedy in ’12)
+1: Craig

$500: Which of these ISN’T a French phrase referring to a witty saying, a sophisticated person or a common farewell to a cruisegoer?

A: Bon vivant
B: Bon mot
C: Bon voyage
D: Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi$

$1K: Suggesting that teachers love Summer break just as much as the kids, a novelty t-shirt reads “Three reasons…” to “…love teaching” are what?

A: Tests, Quizzes & Essays
B: Meetings, Evaluations & Conferences
C: Pencils, Glue Sticks & Notebook Paper
D: June, July & August

Jun., Jul. & Aug.$

$2K: What “chilly” continent’s arguably the most “international”, as its population is 100% made up of people who are citizens of somewhere else?

A: Africa
B: Antarctica
C: Europe
D: Asia


$3K: Showing the apple DOESN’T fall far from the tree, what granddaughter of a famous Italian fascist is herself a far-right politician in the European Parliament?

A: Petra Hitler
B: Alessandra Mussolini
C: Olga Stalin
D: Yuki Hirohito

Alessandra Mussolini$

$5K: Which actress was apparently “Pitch Perfect” on Broadway in the ’98 musical “High Society”, earning herself a Tony nomination at the tender age of 22?

A: Amanda Seyfried
B: Kristen Bell
C: Anna Kendrick
D: Amy Adams


A: 13% (she was thinking her)
B: 11%
C: 75%
D: 1%

Anna Kendrick $

$7K: Which of the following types of cloud would you find NOT in our atmosphere, but millions of miles away surrounding our solar system?

A: Cirrus
B: Cumulonimbus
C: Altostratus
D: Oort

Oort (NOT her gut instinct)- $

$10K: In ’16, author Elizabeth Gilbert announced she was separating from her husband of 12 yrs., known to readers as “Felipe” in what bestselling memoir?

A: eat pray love
B: How Stella Got Her Groove Back
C: Nights in Rodanthe
D: The Bridges of Madison County

eat pray love$

$20K: As it’s a member of the genus Oreamnos & NOT Capra, which of these statements is true?

A: Water buffalo AREN’T buffalo
B: Mountains goats AREN’T goats
C: Wildcats AREN’T cats
D: Reindeer AIN’T deer

FA: SIGNED OUT (A: Mountain goats AREN’T goats)

QotD: If you only got a C+ on your C++ exam, your teacher probably thinks you’re mediocre at what?
A: Providing first aid
B: Editing newspaper copy
C: Computer programming
D: Translating Hebrew to English

Thousandaire: Melanie Brelsford

An avid baseball fan, 19th C. inventor William Gray developed “Gray’s Patent Body Protector” to be worn by the player at which position?

A: Shortstop
B: First baseman
C: Catcher
D: Pitcher

FA: Catcher


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