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Mixed Teams:
Brent Hale (carnivore chef in AR) & Jessica Ventouras (EC of all-vegan restaurant in DAL)
Jon-Paul Hutchins (culinary instructor for 28+ yrs.) & Tony Bomba (ex-student/self-taught EC)
Hannah Chung (spicy EC who’s of Korean heritage) & Rabia Kamara (pastry chef who recently opened an I.C. shop)
J: Troy, Catherine & Brandi

H&R: Fried French toast w/ Tonkatsu flank steak
J&T: Deep-fried filet w/ farmer’s cheese croquette, Fuji and frisee salad & French fry puree
B&J: Country-fried filet w/ farmer’s cheese sauce & apple fennel salad
C-O- Hannah & Rabia

BB: $25.01
B&J: Pork, Brussels sprouts & bacon w/ a mushroom scallop
J&T: Seared duck breast w/ apple/orange gastrique & cauliflower rice- C-O

By now, Brent & Jessica could retire from the episode & split $10K, or compete in one more game for a winner-takes-all $20K (you knew they would choose the latter).

Brent: Goat cheese waffle w/ pork tenderloin & bacon
Jessica: Salted vegan caramels w/ almond chocolate sauce
W- Brent

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