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M-U: Barnhills v. Parkers (Steve, Susan, Kyle, Matt & Bryan)

R1: Name something you hope you NEVER find in your home:

#1: Rats/mice (41)(Brenda)
#4: Snakes (6)(Steve)

Barnhills: Bugs/roaches (#2- 24), scorpions, burglars (#3- 21), busted pipes, leaky roof
Steve Steal: Mold (BAs both ungiven: Dead bodies & my spouse CHEATING- 2 each)

R2: Name something that contains the word “jelly”:

#1: Jellyfish (36)(Susan)
#7: Jelly roll (4)(Chris)

Parkers: KY jelly, PB&J (#3- 8), jelly doughnut (#4- 6), mint jelly
Brenda Steal: Jellybean- #2 (31)(T5: Jelly Belly & petroleum jelly)

Double (men): Name something you’ve said to a woman that you DIDN’T really mean:

#1: “I love you” (35)(Kyle)

Parkers: “You’re beautiful” (BA- 8), “Will you be my girlfriend?”, “I will call you” (#2- 21), “I’m sorry” (11)- CS

TRIPLE: For a dog, you need a pooper-scooper; for what animal would you need a shovel?:

#2: Horse (38)(Angel)
#3: Cow/bull (7)(Matt)

Barnhills: Elephant (TA- 48), hippo (3)

#1: Acc. to the men, what subject were you best at in school?
#2: On the scale, how sexy’s your voice?
#3: Something that people pound on.
#4: A state in the U.S. that everyone wants to go to.
#5: A food that comes to mind when you think of BBQ.

Brenda: P.E. (18), 10 (5), their fist, FL (26) & ribs (45)
Chris: English (16), 9 (6), doors (14), CA (22) & chicken (16)
Unsaid #1s: Science, 5, desks & HI


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