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“Save to Win” 4/29

BT: Tonja & Megan (TX)
Fabuloso: Which of these’s a slogan for them- “Makes dirt scared” or “Makes your nose happy”?
G: “Makes your nose happy”
YT: Dan & Traci
Colgate Total Advanced Whitening toothpaste: Which of these flavors do they offer as a cool way to get your kids to brush your teeth- strawberry or chocolate?
G: Strawberry

Popsicle Rainbow: Which is true about their inventor- retired dentist or 11-yr.-old boy?
YT: Retired dentist
Irish Spring B.W.: Acc. to its tagline, what does it do- “Cleans a man up right” or “Cleans you green all over”?
BT: “Cleans you green all over”
Palmolive OXY Power Degreaser: Palmolive gets its name from what- inventor’s high school or two main ingredients?
BT: Two main ingredients
Kellogg’s RICE KRISPIES: Which famous rock band recorded a jingle for that cereal- The Rolling Stones or U2?
YT: The Rolling Stones
Suavitel: A Suavitel poster w/ the phrase “Don’t let the ironing threaten your family time” featured a parody of which movie monster- “GODZILLA” or “JAWS”?


Sweet relish: TASTE IT- Y
Sliced carrots: TOUCH IT- POTATOES

Macaroni & cheese: TASTE IT- Y
Light red kidney beans: TOUCH IT- Y
Maraschino cherries: SMELL IT- ALMOND FLAVORING


L1: Hidden Valley Ranch, SOUR Skittles, corned beef, Coca-Cola zero & glade candle
Megan: Ranch
Dan: SOUR Skittles
Megan: Corned beef
Dan: glade candle

L2: Dual-sided pet brush, Knorr chicken bullion, AA alkaline batteries, Pepto-Bismol tablets, devil’s food chocolate cookie cakes, HUGGIES wipes & chunky salsa
Traci: AA batteries
Tonja: Bullion
Traci: Ranch

L3: Drano MAX GEL, Breyers, crushed pineapple, Vitamin D3 1000 IU, Lipton teabags, peach gummi rings, mineral oil, TRESemme shampoo & pop-tarts Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Megan: pop-tarts
Dan: Breyers
Megan: Pineapple
Dan: Vitamin D softgels
Megan: Lipton tea

#1: Total Advanced Whitening toothpaste
#2: Palmolive OXY Power Degreaser
#3: Softsoap hand soap
#4: Irish Spring B.W.
#5: Fabuloso lavender
#6: Optic White mouthwash
#7: Suavitel Field Flowers detergent
#8: AJAX
#9: Total mouthwash
#10: Palmolive dishwashing liquid
#11: Fabuloso Passion of Fruits
#12: Lady Speed Stick
#13: Irish Spring soap
#14: Toothbrushes
#15: Suavitel Fresh Flowers dryer sheets
#16: Cavity Protection toothpaste
#17: Murphy’s Oil Soap
#18: Suavitel Morning Sun detergent
#19: Optic White toothpaste
#20: Softsoap B.W.

#19- $650
#12- $800


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