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Couple: Kristin & Lee
Given Up 1st: $5 BANKROLL = $905
Given Up 2nd: SB (TWO’S BETTER THAN ONE)- Movado watches ($2,390)
Given Up 3rd: BB- WG at Caribe Hilton SAN JUAN + eagle creek luggage
M-C (IT’S 75 IN.)- Home theater ($3,800)
#2 (BV): WENT FOR IT- $111

CR: Erica
C (#3): maZDa3
#3- Z
#5- WIPEOUT (Other Z: #12)

Edward’s FD D: #2- Henry Howard Hotel WG + $2K


FCW: Theresa

T (SB): Private party pkg. ($2,100)
#1: $500

J (BB): Music rm. pkg. incl. $500 Apple iTunes GC ($4,125)
#3: $1K ($750: #2)

W (#1): Ford Focus SE
#5- $500 (WAYNE: #1/#4: $2K)

Deal #5:
Sharon: BBSONY cameras
Lamar: $1K (#2)- Dining rm.
Allyson: SE- Trip to the French Alps (Longchamp expandable travel bag valued at $255: Trip to the center of the Earth)

CM: Victor v. Mary
W- Victor ($3K)
WALKED (SB)- Z tennis bracelets

BD (Edward):
SD (#3): Trader Boys office- TM
MD (#2): Kitchen w/ TASTYKAKE stuff + $1.5K ($6,006)
BD (#1): Buick Encore



Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal” 4/27/17" (5)

  1. Terrible Show throughout. One Perfect deal and No Car win and a Fuckin Small Deal win.

    My rating: 2

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      That is true and a shutout at the quickie deals. That one car game wipeout reminds me a wipeout on a three strike puzzle game on Sabado Gigante three years ago where a contestant didn’t get a single puzzle piece. I hope tomorrow would be better before we say Hole in One.
      Grade: F+

  2. Just some trips were won and a Gas Money-style (TPIR game) wipeout. Not a good show at all. But I was right about the The Big Deal being under #1.

    • Ismael Gomez said:

      Double wipeout today since there was a wipeout in Grocery Game earlier.

      • That too…Trying to win one item on Grocery Game is too much of a gamble and it’s the main reason why there are a good amount of wipeouts on it.

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