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“Ca$h Cab” 6/5/09

G1: Leonardo, Gracein & Tomas (Balducci’s on 66th & Broadway)(BtG: 38)

#1: A fashion fad in the ’70s, what style of thick-soled shoes were worn in Ancient Greek theater to elevate important characters?
#2: Known for its dubious diamond trade, what African nation was named for a Portuguese phrase meaning “lion mountains”?
Sierra Leone
RLC: Name five of the first seven events in the inaugural Winter Olympics in 1924.
Skiing, bobsledding, speed skating, ice hockeyX (Not shouted out: Figure skating, curling & biathlon)
#3: Founded by a total chicken magnate, what food giant provides poultry for McDonald’s, Wendy’s & Burger King?
FQ: Named for its dingy color, what’s the term for water generated from dishwashing, laundry or showering?
FA: Murky (A: Gray)

DR: Kim Herzinger (9th & 49th)(BtG: 35)

G3: Austin, Renee, Vicky & Shafer (Hammerstein Ballroom)(BtG: 32)

#1: Called a Cass for short, what W-shaped constellation’s named for a famously-vain queen from Greek mythology?
#2: Responsible for hot coffee cups, what property causes heat to transfer from one molecule to another?
#3: Famously peculiar, the mascot of Univ. of Calfornia-Santa Cruz is a banana-like variety of what slimy mollusk?
#4: Familiar to fans of “THE OC”, what ironic hybrid holiday’s celebrated w/ the lighting of a tree & a menorah?

Sole $200 Q: The music exec. behind Ray Charles & Led Zeppelin, Ahmet Ertegun founded what record label in ’47?
MSO: Alex Battles

VB: Named for an elite caste of the Hindu religion, what’s the blue-ribbon variety of bull?
FA: Brahma ($1600)


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