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“Family Feud” 10/2/13

CG: Hatchers v. Coles (Camilla, Ryan, Shelley, J.L. & Candace)

R1 (married ladies): Name something about which you’ve NEVER been 100% honest w/ your husband:

#3: Exes/lesbian past (27)(Camilla)

Coles: $/my spending (TA- 34), surgeries, how they spent their day, past mistakes
Diane Steal: My weight- #2 (28)

#4: My faithfulness (5)
BA: He SUCKS in bed (4)

R2: Name a way you know the person you’re talking to is a leprechaun:

#2: Weird green outfit (27)(Don)
#7: Eats Lucky Charms (2)(Ryan)

Hatchers: Pot of gold (#3- 18), they’re tiny (TA- 28), have pointy ears (OTHER BA), Irish accent (#4- 16), can grant wishes, has (four-leaf) clover (3)- SWEEP

Double: Name something a person living in a NUDIST colony avoids sitting on:

#2: Cactus (18)(Heather)

Hatchers: Porcupine, (cold) chairs, wooden benches (w/ splinters)
Camilla Steal: (Santa’s) lap- ONLY BA THIS RD. (6)

#1: Ground/rocks/sand (21)
#3: Metal (8)
T4: Leather/vinyl & logs/branches (7 each)

TRIPLE: What one thing about a vacation costs the most money?:

#1: Hotel rms. (40)(Chad)

Hatchers: Airfare (#2- 25), attraction tickets, food/dining out (#3- 18), rental car & gas prices
Camilla Steal for SD: Souvenirs/shopping- YES INDEED (9)

SD: A food that people dip.
Haley: Chips (65)

#1: Name the temperature it would have to be inside your home for you to turn on the A/C.
#2: If you could only drink one beverage, which would you choose?
#3: A color in the rainbow.
#4: A word rhyming w/ “cool”.
#5: Which U.S. city has the most road rage?

Heather: 80º (32), water (36), red (36), pool (35) & California
Chad: 75º (13), Coke (30), blue (36) & MIA
Unsaid #1: L.A.


Comments on: "“Family Feud” 10/2/13" (2)

  1. jpgenius said:

    GREAT 🚗 + $42,570 win Hatchers! (And BTW Chad lost his shoes on the way to the vehicle.)

  2. Matthew Yothers said:

    I think L.A. was what Heather meant when she said California.

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