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“Millionaire” 4/24/17

Marlon Shows (law student in DET)
+1: Tom

$500: In an article on beach etiquette, USA TODAY lists ALL BUT which of these as things “not to do at the shore”?

A: Shake out your towel near others
B: Smoke
C: Feed the seagulls
D: Build sandcastles w/o proper permits

Build sandcastles w/o proper permits$

$1K: A popular marketing tool, what term refers to potato chips that were prepared in batches & NOT in mass quantities on an assembly line?

A: Vitamin-fortified
B: Kettle-cooked
C: Ultra-pasteurized
D: Injection-molded


$2K: Replacing ’em when they’re damaged or if they come out, a great white shark can go through roughly 30K different what in its lifetime?

A: Eyes
B: Tails
C: Hearts
D: Teeth


$3K: W/ workers making 39% more than the U.S. average, what did Business Insider recently call “the most disproportionately high-paying job” in MN?

A: Loan officer
B: Hotel mgr.
C: Insulation worker
D: Beautician

Insulation worker$

$5K: What former MA senator was once accused of dodging a half-million dollars in taxes by docking his luxury yacht in neighboring RI?

A: Al Gore
B: Bob Dole
C: Dan Quayle
D: John Kerry


$7K: The tailors who fitted him say that who was BOTH the lightest & heaviest James Bond, weighing 164 lbs. in “GOLDENEYE” & 211 lbs. in “Die Another Day”?

A: Sean Connery
B: Roger Moore
C: Pierce Brosnan
D: Daniel Craig


$10K: Acc. to Guinness World Records, what’s the combined height of the tallest man ever plus the tallest man alive?

A: 11’1″
B: 15’4″
C: 17’2″
D: 23’0″

15’4″LEFT ALL LLs ON THE TABLE (A: 17’2″)

Stephanie Tyree (Lake Forest, CA)

$500: On an FBI website, which of these items ISN’T mentioned in a graphic labeled “FBI SWAT: Tools of the Trade”?

A: Helmet
B: Gas mask
C: Pistol
D: Fly swatter

Fly swatter$

$1K: Because global industrialization has DECREASED the available supply, Dubai remarkably now imports vast amts. of what from Australia?

A: Sand
B: Sunshine
C: Camel racers
D: Sheiks


$2K: Referring to the ornate, Versailles-like decor of her NYC apartment, Joan Rivers once quipped “This is how…” who “…woulda lived if she had money”?

A: Marie Antoinette
B: Amelia Earhart
C: Florence Nightingale
D: Harrier Beecher Stowe


$3K: Discussing the largest squid ever caught, marine biologist Steve O’Shea illustrated the animal’s size by saying if it were cut up, it would yield what?

A: Escargot the size of garden hoses
B: Caviar the size of ping-pong balls
C: Calamari the size of tractor tires
D: Chitlins the size of tube socks

Calamari the size of tractor tires$

$5K: A study funded by the Zurich Lung Assoc. found that playing what instrument can reduce snoring by strengthening upper airway muscles?

A: Harpsichord
B: Musical saw
C: Didgeridoo
D: Timpani


QotD: Known for hair styling instead of fighting, who fought for the Israel army in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War?
A: Louis Vuitton
B: Calvin Klein
C: Vidal Sassoon
D: Isaac Mizrahi

To Return: Which of these statements about Spanish grammar is FALSE?

A: Commas replace decimal points
B: It uses upside down question marks
C: Nouns have a gender
D: Apostrophes are common

Apostrophes are common$


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