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“Ca$h Cab” 4/24/09

G1: Jeff & Brooke (Broadway between 19th & 20th)(BtG: 30)

DR: Chayla, Mike & Chase (62nd between Amsterdam & Columbus)(BtG: 37)

#1: Perhaps due to the Persian ancestry of Freddie Mercury, what was the first rock band to officially sell an album in Iran?
#2: What TX lawmen are required to wear clothing that’s western in nature?
#3: Considered the last of the big-city bosses, Richard J. Daley spent over two decades as the mayor of what metropolis?
#4: What variety of dolphin’s named for the elongated shape of its snout?

#1: BMI stands for what?
Body mass index
RLC: At petfinder.com, the “small and furry” category includes eight different types of rodents- name five of these pocket pets.
Hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, mouse & rat (Others: Chinchilla, Megu & Degu)
#2: “Loose Deuce”, “Fever Five & “Easy Eight” are three of the possible outcomes in what high-rolling casino dice game?
#3: What brand of beret gets its name from the phrase “knitting angora wool”?
#4: First published during the depression, what famous book by Erma Rombauer once feat. recipes for squirrel & raccoon?
MSO: Jason
The Joy of Cooking

#1: Acc. to Paul McCartney, what Beatles song orig. began w/ the lyrics “Scrambled eggs, oh, my baby, how I love your legs”?
“Hey Jude” (A: “Yesterday”)
#2: What business term refers to the percentage of subscribers who CANCEL a particular service?
Skim (A: Churn rate)
FQ: Acc. to President George W. Bush, he spent his 2006 reading The Stranger, a novel by what French existentialist?
FA: (Albert) Camus ($2100)

G3: Cedric King, Melissa Garrison & Javier Gonzales (180 Central Park South)(BtG: 31)


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