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$1K T-U: OtM

M E _ _ _ O / C _ _ Y

Mike, we say si for MEXICO CITY:

Mike Bowers (North L.A.; has lived all over the nation): Does karaoke
Sara Fowler (S.D.; orig. from Kalamazoo): Married receptionist at technology co.
Candi Gauff (Delray Beach): Former scholarship athlete at FL St. who’s the learning coach of a 13-yr.-old tennis player

$2K T-U: F&D

_ R _ S P _

G A R L I _ / _ _ E _ D


Last smarTour This Wk.: Greece ($8K)


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _

_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sara: N ($650), G ($700), I, 4 T’s ($700), E, 3 O’s, S ($600), BUYS OTHER VOWELS

_ U T T I N G / _ _

_ E S T / _ O O T

_ O _ _ A _ _

I’m PUTTING MY BEST FOOT FORWARD & she’s boosted to $5.5K.



_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

Candi: T (MW near $650)
Mike: 2 N’s (L.F.), A, 2 D’s ($600), 2 E’s, O, R ($600), M ($800)
Sara: 2 C’s ($500), V ($800), U, 2 K’s ($700)

_ E K _ N _


A N D / C O V E R

She’s won a rd. of PEKING DUCK AND COVER– new subtotal’s $8450.

DUDS: T (Candi), M (Mike)


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _

Mike: S ($900), T ($600)
Sara: N ($700)
Candi: 3 R’s ($650), 2 E’s, A, 3 O’s, 2 C’s (EXPRESS)
NL: 3 L’s, 2 F’s (NMC)

C O L O R F _ L

C O R A L / R E E F S

She’ll see the COLORFUL CORAL REEFS at The Westin St. Maarten Dawn Beach.

DUDS: T (Mike), N (Sara)


Candi: $16,565 in $ & trip/Mike: $1K/Sara: $8450

$3K T-U: Thing

_ R A V E _

H A I R / D R Y E R

A TRAVEL HAIR DRYER quadruples the money of Mike.

R4: E

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Mike: S ($700), T ($650), 3 A’s, E
Sara: 3 N’s ($800), O, 3 I’s (OoV), C ($500)
Candi: L ($500)
Mike: 2 H’s ($700)

_ I N I S H I N _

A / _ A _ A T H O N


DUDS: E (Mike), C (Sara), L (Candi)

S-U: Person
FS: $1900

_ _ _ _ – _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

L: N, 4 T’s, R, M, D

P _ R T – T _ M _

_ T _ D _ N T

Mike solves PART-TIME STUDENT to finish $50 over 10 grand.

BR: Who’s Candi’s hubby? Corey. The two-star spot’s hit again.

C: Thing

_ L _ _ _ E R _ N _

_ _ L _


_ L _ C _ E R _ N G

_ _ L _

The FLICKERING BULB in her mind…turns off & THE $100K’S LOST AGAIN. Get the TUMS &/or Advil again.
$5K SPIN ID: CP8674357

Comments on: "“WHEEL of FORTUNE” 4/21/17" (21)



    • Boy oh boy we got some fucking stupid, dumbass idiots all week. They all should go home with absolutely nothing this week except of $1000 consolation prize. They should bring back daytime wheel for losing BR contestants to win $25K

  2. The is the worst fuck up week ever. BR shutout triggers another horrible week.

    My rating: 1
    Weekly rating: 1
    (A F- coming from Isamel)

  3. Ismael Gomez said:

    A shutout, an incorrect letter on the mystery wedge and $100K loss really sinks my grade. I hope next week will be better
    Grade: F-
    Weekly Grade: Z-

  4. colin roley said:

    the $100,000 loss of candi gauff hurts my feelings so bad tonight on wheel of fortune

  5. …Twice in one week, plus last night’s near-miss.

    A few weeks ago after an earlier $100K loss, I said that at least the bonus wheel made it random, but then I realized that the bonus wheel’s just for prize selection. The actual puzzle is done by computer, with person(s) unknown overlooking in the control booth, and I think it’s obvious by now that they know in advance which bonus wheel slot the jackpot envelope is in.

    So I withdraw that earlier kind comment effective tonight.

    *Now* I’m ready to call a fix.

  6. colin roley said:

    yes it is worst week ever because of M I c h a e l T a y l o r keeps making up t e c h n i c a l w i n so M I c h a e l T a y l o r is removed out of the site effective immediately because of making up t e c h n i c a l w i n is unexceptable

  7. How much more of the $100,000 losses do we have to go through this season? How much more do us Wheel fans have to take? Over $300,000 in cash and car went down the drain this week. It’s been aggravating, it’s been frustrating, it’s been going on most of the season and at some point before the season is done, it’s got to stop.

  8. jpgenius said:

    WOW. If we’re gonna get SKUNKED, don’t let it be this PAINFUL! 😥😥😥

    My rating: 5

    Weekly rating: 5

    Glad we won’t be on this set for at least a WHILE.

  9. jpgenius said:

    But on the bright side, happy birthday to Lesley and Judy!

  10. Yes, this both the hardest week, AND the WORST week of Wheel OF Fortune of the season, in my opinion, because, I mean, everybody’s missing out on all of the big stuff, except Thursday’s winner, we she almost missed out on $1,000,000, but not quite. Granted, this is not the only hard week of Wheel Of Fortune. In the week of 1/23-1/27, that week was just loaded with phrase puzzles with phrases that I have never heard of before, and nobody got any of them, and on the week of 3/20-3/24, even though we did get 1 solve, I only admitted that that week was a hard week when Ben Dombrowski was on Wheel Of Fortune, and missed out $100,000 heartbreakingly. I mean this show needs to stop giving us Down moments in the Bonus Round, and give us some Up moments, like a $100,000 Winner, and if we don’t get 1 in the 2017 part of the season before the season ends, whichever producer that was responsible for the new music and the PHRASE category is going to pay the price, before they get coming to him or her.

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