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“Millionaire” 4/21/17

$10K: Which of the following hit songs was made famous by a band whose name DIDN’T include a mode of transportation?

A: “Immigrant Song”
B: “Wonderwall”
C: “Drops of Jupiter”
D: “You Might Think”


$20K: Which of these was the correct spelling of Scrooge’s first name in Charles Dickens’ 1843 classic A Christmas Carol?

A: Ebineezer
B: Ebeneezer
C: Ebenezer
D: Ebanezer

FA: Ebeneezer

Aaron Crockett (Yakima, WA)

$500: “It probably wouldn’t be that great to be a millionaire, anyway” is an example of disparaging something you CAN’T have, commonly referred to as what?

A: Sour grapes
B: Spoiled pears
C: Rotten bananas
D: Moldy peaches

Sour grapes$

$1K: O Magazine says textured fabrics are the answer to the fashion quandary of how to wear what “without looking like a bride/nurse/dental hygienist”?

A: White
B: Veil
C: Scrubs
D: Surgical mask


$2K: As it aids in neurological development, the 1924 introduction of what type of table salt in the U.S. is thought to have increased IQs nationwide?

A: Calcified
B: Iodized
C: Fluoridated
D: Iron-enriched


$3K: In ’72 President Nixon granted Amtrak $2M, allowing it to open its first border-crossing train service, The Pacific International. What two codes did it connect?

A: Seattle & Vancouver
B: New York & Montreal
C: San Antonio & Monterrey
D: Albuquerque & Juarez


$5K: Biographers said that before leaving the religion in the ’80s, Michael Jackson would don disguises & preach door-to-door, like many other members of what?

A: The Jehovah’s Witnesses
B: The Catholic Church
C: The Church of Scientology
D: The Nation of Islam

Jehovah’s Witnesses$

$7K: Chose because S was already being used to designate a single, what letter indicates a strikeout on a baseball scoreboard?

A: T
B: R
C: K
D: E


$10K: Which of the following authors named their most famous character after a well-known orinthologist who had “the dullest name” he’d ever heard?

A: Mary Shelley
B: Arthur Conan Doyle
C: J.R.R. Tolkien
D: Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming$

$20K: Meeting each other once when they BOTH were 30, Queen Elizabeth & which famous actress were born the same yr.?

A: Betty White
B: Helen Mirren
C: Marilyn Monroe
D: Julie Andrews

AtA & 50:50

A: 27% (LEFT)
B: 18%
C: 24% (LEFT)
D: 31%


$30K: As residents of Pago Pago can tell you, what’s the only place within American territory where people AREN’T automatically granted U.S. citizenship at birth?

A: Guam
B: Puerto Rico
C: Virgin Islands
D: American Samoa

FINAL HL (Scott Wilson)
American Samoa$

QotD: While Michael Keaton ended up getting the part, Tim Burton orig. wanted Sammy Davis, Jr. to play the title role in what film?
B: “MR. MOM”
C: “Edward Scissorhands”
D: “Beetlejuice”

$50K: In one of the most-quoted Supreme Court decisions, what Justice wrote that hardcore pornography was hard to define but “I know it when I see it”?

A: Antonin Scalia
B: Thurgood Marshall
C: Oliver Wendell Holmes
D: Potter Stewart

FA: Antonin (A: Potter)

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