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Deal #1: Supattra
Rejected 1st: $50 BANKROLL = $1550
Rejected 2nd: #1 (NATURE)- Trip to Glacier Bay Lodge
Rejected 3rd: SB (ELECTRIC)- Kitchen ($5,677)
FD: $1K (#2: WATER)- Houseboat

StCNO: Toyota Prius c ($20,525)(had to spell out HYBRID)

Jennifer: SE- 1ST
Dyranden Neal (Army): GE

J: #2- D
D: #4- EMPTY

#7- H
#1- EMPTY (#3: I/#5: Y/#6: R)

Warren’s FD D: #2- SSR/Benelli motorscooters ($6,268)(Mystery C: $300.00)

JBH: Jennifer

#1: Will I need to pack a suitcase?
#2: Will I need to plug it in?
#3: Does it include more than one item?
#4: Can I use it w/ my friends?
#5: Does it have any wheels?

#1- N
#5- N
#3- Y

FD: BIG BOX- Solar electronics pkg. ($4,185; also, everybody in the audience received a solpro charger)(SE: “Dancing Pants”)


MoU: Nicole
C (#1): Chevrolet Spark EV ($26,745)
R: 5 ($300), 3 ($500), 4 ($1K)- PAINFUL BAILOUT (would’ve rolled 2’s the rest of the way, the first of which was worth $2K)

Odd Woman Out: Melissa, Brianna & Doris
Melissa: RBGENAS handbags & diamond necklace ($3,139)
Brianna: GBCamping pkg. ($2,950)
Doris: $1K (BB)- Apple elec. pkg. ($3,066)
FD (#3): Brianna- River of No Return whitewater rafting trip in ID + waterproof dig. camera ($6,048)

Final Regular Deal:
Clint: #3- Remote-controlled bed
Jean: RECYCLING BAG- “Dancing Pants” (BB: LG W/D pkg. + $2K = $6,710)

BD (Warren):
SD (#3): Patio furn. + yr.’s supply of organic carbonated coconut water ($3,855)
MD (#2): Trip to Jicaro island ecolodge- MIDDLED OUT
BD (#1): FIAT 124 Spider Lusso ($29,840)

Charlene: Star-shaped cookie cutter ($500)- $
Cheryl: Baseball (J)- X
Michael: Snack bar (T)- X
Elizabeth: After saying 98 from 1-100, pull out that many cents ($300)- $


Comments on: "“Let’s Make a Deal”- PRE-EARTH DAY ’17 SHOW" (1)

  1. Ismael Gomez said:

    How disappointed Earth Day episode. No car winner at all thanks to a heartbreaking bailout in Movin’ on Up and a medium deal win. Good thing the big deal wasn’t right off the bat for the Big Deal was revealed last. What do you say, Ant0824?
    Grade: C-
    Weekly Grade: B-
    Weekly Grade for TPIR: C+

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