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“Id!ottest” 4/20/17

BT: Ryan & Kerry (dating- he got into college w/o taking his SATs & they BOTH smoke pot)
GT: Stephanie & Nina (Stephanie’s an ER nurse; Nina’s won two trips from a radio station)

BT: Touch the remote location
T ($180): Remote
GT: Which shirt’s the opposite of NOT inside-out?
T ($140): Inside-out shirt
BT: Touch the smallest blue triangle
T ($140): Blue/white part of American flag ($320)
GT: Which one clearly has what it takes to make it to the top?
T ($100): Elevator ($240)

Nina: Touch the one that can give you the most information about computers
T ($350): Laptop ($590)
Kerry: What usually appears green inside & red or yellow outside?
IDIOT (A: Blinking arrows on dashboard)
Stephanie: This dog’s barking! Where’s the CAT?
T ($100): Dog catcher (A: “CAT” on “DOG CATCHER” marked on truck’s door)
Ryan: Who has repeated Mr. Yablonsky’s class the most times?
T ($350): Mr. Yablonsky ($670)

#1: If you combine their names, which two form something bees make- honey, volt, QUEEN ANNE Flour, chicken or comb?
#2: Who just now said “TOMATO”?
Nina (TWO GRAND): Ben at cash register ($2,590)
Ryan (SAME): AGREED ($2,670)


BT: Tara & Grishma (they’ve ran marathons & Grishma’s Indian)
GT: Joan & Ben (engaged- they’ve been playing Truth or Dare mini-golf & Joan works at a doggy daycare)

BT: Poke a man! GO!
PASSED ($240)
GT: There’s an owl & a turtle. Touch the seal.
T ($180): Seal on top of animal crackers pouch
BT: Touch what you hear
T ($180): Salsa ($420- can you believe that?)
GT: Touch the extended family
T ($240): “Family” on top (TIED THE GAME)

Joan: Pick the holiday about immigrants- Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest or Thanksgiving.
IDIOT (A: Thanksgiving)
Grishma: Don’t say it- “THAY IT”- to find the answer
“Thith Ith It” Found? ($50): Y ($470)
Ben: Before 1492, what did everyone use to think about Planet Earth?
T ($50): Center of the universe (A: Brain)
Tara: Touch the one that’s normally green
T ($250): Top of tree ($720)

#1: Turn right & touch this: OON Z- ZCZ
Grishma ($300): Vitamin formula chalkboard
Joan ($150): Two lovers wearing horse heads (A: NUN IN ZOO)
#2: If Jerry buried Gary & Harry buried Jerry, who’s Harry (of the three)?
Tara ($1300): #2
Ben ($2K): #1 ($2,420)

SM: Logically (given English muffin, German shepherd & Belgian waffle), which one should replace the question mark- French fries, bass drum, fried egg or basketball?
FA: French fries


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  1. Once Ryan screwed up on that final test, I immediately changed the channel.

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